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How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter?

How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter

How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter? It’s quite inconvenient when your phone battery runs out and your lighter socket stops working. The problem is not serious, but it is bothersome if not repaired. But there is one problem: why isn’t your car’s cigarette lighter working? Possible causes include a blown lighter socket fuse, a loss of electricity, or the presence of foreign objects that are producing a problem inside the socket. Whatever the cause, lighter sockets provide numerous helpful services such as charging GPS devices, cameras, phones, and so on.

How to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter?

Here is the step-by-step guide to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter.

1. Check The Lighter’s Fuse to Fix Car Cigarette Lighter

Check The Lighter’s Fuse

To begin, you must use a circuit tester to test the lighter. Connect the clip end of the test light to the socket’s outer frame. If clipping seems tough, keep it on. Next, try to touch the back of the socket with the longer end of the tester. If the light turns on, the lighter is powered. If it does not, the fault is with the fuse. So, change it.

2. Check The Lighter’s Inside

Check The Lighter’s Inside

If the lighter’s fuse is fine, you should inspect it from the inside. In this situation, the issue could be inside the lighter. The problem in the socket could be caused by debris or other unrelated objects. To fix this, you’ll need to remove the entire socket and properly clean it. If your cigarette lighter still does not function after cleaning it properly, you will need to inspect it further.

3. Lighter’s Inspection

If your cigarette lighter still does not function after replacing the fuse and cleaning it, this indicates that the cigarette lighter is defective. Remove the lighter portion from the socket and inspect for any charred areas or debris. If you observe burned marks on the lighter, it signifies it has short-circuited and needs to be replaced. Additionally, clear debris and other aspects to avoid future flaws.

These are a few solutions for a car cigarette lighter that isn’t working properly. Although a faulty cigarette lighter is not a major concern, it is incredibly beneficial. Rather than paying a professional car service shop to fix it, it is best to acquire some maintenance advice and do it yourself. Learning simply a few pointers would undoubtedly be beneficial.

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