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How to Fix Car Oil Leak?

How to Fix Car Oil Leak

How to Fix Car Oil Leak? As you exit your driveway, you see a deep dark patch that wasn’t there before. Uh, oh. You have an oil leak in your car. Not only is this a warning indication that your vehicle is in trouble, but you also have motor oil streaks to prove it. So, what are you going to do? You can either take your car to a garage and pay a large mechanic’s charge, or you can fix the oil leak yourself. Yes, you can repair an oil leak on your car from home. Here’s how you can get started.

What Causes Oil Leaks?

To figure out how your car is leaking oil, you must first determine what caused the leak in the first place. It is pointless to correct an issue just to have it reoccur. One of four issues can cause an oil leak. A deteriorated engine gasket is the most prevalent cause of an oil leak. An engine gasket is a seal that prevents lubricants from leaking.

When the gasket fails, you will begin to leak car fluids. Most of the time, you will spill motor oil. Oil pan leaks, oil seals, and poor connections are also less prevalent sources of oil leakage. You should investigate these four areas to see what is causing the leak.

Inspecting Your Vehicle for the Cause of the Leak

Now that you’ve identified the various causes of your car’s oil leak, it’s time to climb underneath it and figure out what’s causing the problem. First, you should inspect the oil pan seals. You should also inspect the oil pan plug. After you’ve checked the oil pan, inspect the timing cover seal and valve cover gaskets. Other potential leak locations include the oil pressure sensor, the oil filter, and the oil cap. If you have an older vehicle with a lot of damaged parts, you could have several oil leaks.

How to Fix Car Oil Leak?

After you’ve completed your inspection, it’s time to get your hands dirty and learn how to remedy an oil leak. You don’t need to read a whole book to figure out how to remedy that leak. While some oil spills require costly repairs, the majority may be repaired in your garage or driveway for a relatively low cost. Here is the list of 2 methods to ix Car Oil Leaks.

1. Using an Additive to Fix Car Oil Leak

Using an Additive to Stop the Leak

Using a stop-leak additive or a high-mileage oil blend is one of the simplest ways to repair the leak yourself. Such chemicals can soften and condition your car’s rubber seals, allowing you to stop and prevent further leaks. It may take many hundred miles of driving to completely seal the leak. Following that, you’ll learn how to handle an oil pan leak and other oil leak problems. Before utilising a stop leak, you should try to fix the leak by replacing components.

2. Using Tools to Fix Car Oil Leak

Using Tools

Don’t be concerned. Repairing an oil pan leak and other problems with tools is not as difficult as you would believe. All you need are a few hand tools, a torque wrench, a car jack, and some stands or ramps. First, safely jack up the automobile to gain access to the oil pan. Examine the oil pan for any loose bolts. These bolts might loosen over time, and loose bolts leak. Tighten all of the bolts on the oil pan before moving on to the timing belt cover and valve covers. Keep in mind that certain automobile models require you to tighten nuts in a specific pattern and to a specific tolerance level. For more information, consult a service manual or repair manual.

After Fixed, It’s Time to Test

When you believe you have resolved the issue, it is time to put everything to the test. Fill your oil tank with around a quart of oil. After that, you should start the engine with the hood up. While the automobile is running, inspect the top of the engine. You may discover that oil is seeping from the gasket or the oil cap, and the engine will begin to smoke as it burns the oil. It’s critical to understand what causes oil leaks from various sections of your car.


Oil leaks are one of the most prevalent and aggravating automotive problems. Before you send your car to the shop for a costly repair, learn how to remedy an oil leak yourself. Check everything, including the oil pan, gaskets, and oil cap. After the repair, double-check to ensure that the leak has been repaired. You will be able to address any oil leak problem on your vehicle with a little know-how and more patience.

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