Honda Jazz 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

Honda Jazz Price in Pakistan

Honda Jazz 2022 Price in Pakistan. The Japanese automaker Honda has emerged as a popular option for purchasers in the twenty-first century. The Honda Jazz 2022 Price is what led us to bring it to Pakistan. It is the top option for buyers, as was already noted, and there are many reasons for that. Let me share a few of them with you. The first is its extensive dependability and long-lasting durability.

When we take a glance at the older Honda cars in our city, we can readily understand it. They will be in the best condition, which is one thing that will be encouraging. It has remained intact for many years without experiencing any component failure. If we tell you that Pakistani drivers still pay more for the Honda 2000 model, it won’t be incorrect.

In addition, while their most recent models include many pricey elements, their components are not as expensive as those of competitors. Honda Jazz’s latest model Price in Pakistan. Their extraordinary and extra level of safety is a key characteristic of them. You will be familiar with their cutting-edge technology and excellent passenger safety. Additionally, they include features that are multifunctional and give the driver a variety of options when driving.

For instance, the cruise control on their most recent models helps drivers conserve fuel and make it more effective and affordable for themselves. In addition to all of these excellent qualities, customers favor Hondas for their high resale value. It’s probable that if you purchase one of its rivals, the value will decline when you sell it. Honda Jazz Price in Pakistan 2022.

Honda Jazz 2022 Price in Pakistan

The price of Honda Jazz 2022 in Pakistan is 48,98,900 PKR.

Honda JazzPKR 48,98,900 (Estimated)

Honda Jazz 2022 Price in USA

The price of Honda Jazz 2022 in US Dollars is $21,300.

Honda Jazz$21,300 US Dollars (Estimated)

Honda Jazz 2022 Price in India

The price of Honda Jazz 2022 in India is ₹16,99,400.

Honda Jazz₹16,99,400 INR (Estimated)


Like the exterior, the Honda Jazz interior is also stunning and captivates viewers when they see it. The Door is very compelling due to the slim design at the lower end and good quality glass. Furthermore, the alloy wheels of this car are very light in weight and have a unique design that looks beautiful when the wheels run on the road. Moreover, the vehicle has absolute parking sensors that help you park it in tight spaces. Furthermore, the car power door locks are highly secure and safe when you park them.

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Due to the inclusion of Multi-features, the Honda Jazz’s interior is both exciting and distinctive. It has a high-quality touch screen with a navigation system and can be used to find your way around while driving. Additionally, the automobile boasts a touch-sensitive, user-friendly AC panel. Additionally, the passenger seats are incredibly soft, dependable, comfortable, and have a magnificent hue, adding to the interior splendor of the car. The Honda Jazz helps you when you drive long distances because it features a large amount of utility storage space and a spacious boot.

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Body TypeHatchback
Engines1.5 Petrol/Electric Hybrid
Power72 kW (97 PS)
Torque253 Nm
0 – 62 mph9.4 seconds
Top speed175 km / h
WLTP Fuel Consumption Combined4.5 Litres / 100 km
WLTP CO2 Emissions Combined102 g/km
Number of Doors5
Boot Space304 Litres (Seats Up) to 1,205 Litres (Seats Folded) Capacity to Roof


Length3989 mm
Width1694 mm
Height1544 mm
Wheelbase2530 mm
Weight1042 Kg


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