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Mahindra Thar E Price in Pakistan: Release Date, Specs & Features

Mahindra Thar EV Price

The iconic Mahindra Thar, a symbol of rugged charm and off-road prowess, has carved a special niche in Pakistani hearts. But what if we told you the Thar was about to get a thrilling makeover, swapping petrol for pure electric adrenaline? Enter the Mahindra Vision Thar E, a concept that sent shockwaves through the Auto Expo 2023 and sparked whispers of an electric Thar in Pakistan. Mahindra Thar E Price in Pakistan is PKR 8.35 Million (Approx.)

Hold your horses, though, intrepid explorers. The Vision Thar E is still a captivating dream, not a tangible reality. While Mahindra hasn’t confirmed production or release plans for Pakistan, let alone set prices, the mere glimpse of this electrifying future has us itching to hit the dunes with a silent roar. Mahindra Thar EV Price in Pakistan.

Mahindra Thar E Price in Pakistan

The price of Mahindra Thar E in Pakistan starts from PKR 83,50,000 (Estimated).

Mahindra Thar EPKR 83,50,000 (Estimated)

Mahindra Thar E Price in US

Mahindra Thar EUSD 30,000 (Estimated)

Mahindra Thar E Price in India

Mahindra Thar EINR 25,00,000 (Estimated)


PriceRs. 25 Lakh onwards
Launch Date18 March 2026

Engine and Transmission

Regenerative Braking
Transmission TypeAutomatic

Fuel & Performance

Fuel TypeElectric


Fast Charging

Dimensions & Capacity

Wheel Base (mm)2775-2975

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Mahindra Thar E Interior
Thar E Interior


Mahindra Thar E Exterior
Thar E Exterior

So, what does the Vision Thar E promise?

  • Electrifying Performance: Ditch the fossil fuels and embrace the future! This concept pulsates with an all-wheel-drive electric powertrain, whispering through rough terrain as you conquer the next adventure.
  • Unleashing the Untamed: Range anxiety becomes a distant memory with a potential 400km range. Imagine traversing not just the dunes, but vast landscapes, powered by the hum of electric motors.
  • Thrill Untamed: Mahindra assures us the electric Thar won’t compromise on the original’s legendary off-road capabilities. Picture scaling mountains and navigating trails, all while leaving a lighter footprint on the planet.

But when can we expect this electrifying dream to become a reality in Pakistan?

Patience, and adventurers, are key. While hints point towards a possible 2026 launch, specifics for Pakistan remain shrouded in anticipation. Mahindra is likely gauging market demand and infrastructure before making any official announcements.

And the price tag?

With no confirmed launch date, putting a number on the Pakistani price tag is like predicting the next monsoon. However, based on the estimated ex-showroom price of Rs 25 lakh in India, we can expect a similar range in Pakistan, taking into account import duties and taxes.

The bottom line?

The Mahindra Thar EV in Pakistan might still be a horizon-bound mirage, but the potential is undeniable. While we wait for official news, keep your wanderlust fueled by the electrifying vision of a silent Thar conquering new frontiers. Who knows, the rumble of the engine might soon be replaced by the whisper of adventure, paving the way for a thrilling new chapter in the Thar’s legendary journey.

Join the Electric Thrill:

  • Stay tuned for updates on the Mahindra Thar EV’s Pakistani odyssey!
  • Share your excitement and questions in the comments below.
  • Let’s build a community of electrified adventurers, ready to embrace the future of the Thar together.

Remember, this is just the beginning of the electric Thar’s Pakistani story. By keeping the information updated, engaging, and optimized for search engines, we can ensure this captivating concept remains on the radars of adventurous souls, paving the way for a truly electrifying future for the Mahindra Thar in Pakistan.

Mahindra Thar E Review:

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