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How to Fix Speakers in Car?

How to Fix Speakers in Car? One of the most typical automotive problems is the car speaker not working on one side. This issue is caused by faulty cables or unsecured connections. Furthermore, the speaker may have some hardware flaws. There could be other factors as well. This tutorial will assist you in repairing your automobile speaker. You do not require any technical support.

How to Fix Speakers in Car?

Here is the step-by-step guide to fix speakers in car:

1. Inspect the Car Radio

One obvious cause of your car speaker not working on one side is a faulty car radio. Examine it thoroughly for damages and other flaws. Because a faulty car radio can result in a faulty speaker. It can also cause damage to your vehicle’s circuitry. If the radio is broken or damaged, repair or replace it.

2. Examine the Speaker

The speaker could be damaged. Weather, accidents, and water can all cause harm to your speaker. So, thoroughly inspect the speaker for any signs of damage. Connecting the speaker directly to the automobile amplifier allows you to test it. Disconnect it from the radio and listen to see whether the sound comes through. If it does not work under any circumstances, the speaker must be replaced.

3. Check the Power Supply to Fix Speakers in Car

Another possibility is that your speaker is not getting enough power. Check that the power cable is securely connected to both the speaker and the battery. To supply electricity, try a different cable. Look for cuts, bends, and other evidence of injury. If your cable is faulty, replace it with a new one. Check the power supply to your speaker as well. When measured with a multimeter, the cable should indicate 12 volts.

4. Swap the Speakers to Fix Speakers in Car

Swapping the speakers allows for a rapid test. Replace the non-functional speaker with the working one. If it works in the new position but the other speaker does not, the problem is with the car entertainment system. If it does not work in the new position, the speaker is faulty. Consult a specialist to diagnose the problem and fix the speaker.

5. Balance the Settings

This problem can potentially be caused by incorrect audio and balance control settings. Examine the radio’s fader. It should be turned up to full volume for all speakers. Otherwise, only one of the speakers produces sound. So, turn on your surround sound radio. Now, gradually increase the level and listen to the sound from both speakers. To equalise all speakers, appropriately adjust the balance and fader settings. For correct adjustments, place the indicator in the centre of the scale.


  1. Turn on your car’s CD player.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Fader or Balance’ option in the ‘Audio Settings’ menu.
  3. Adjust the indication to the right and left until both speakers begin to emit sound.

The fader itself may occasionally fail to function. As a result, you must repair or replace it.

6. Scan the Wiring to Fix Speakers in Car

Damage to the automotive wiring might potentially cause the speaker to cease operating. The wiring system is intricate and fragile. Accidents, weather conditions, moisture, children, and dogs can all harm them. Use a multimeter to perform a continuity test.

You must examine the difference between the head unit’s output voltage and the speaker’s input voltage. Both should be identical. If the speaker’s input voltage is less than the output voltage, the wiring is faulty. In this scenario, you should seek the assistance of a technician.

7. Examine the Audio System

The audio output jack could be broken. As a result, the automobile speaker cannot function on only one side. Another cause of this problem is faulty transistors. So, use a multimeter to test all of these components. If the jack or transistors are faulty, they can be replaced. Do not experiment with your car’s electrical system if you have no prior experience. Consult a nearby technician instead.


Your car’s audio system is complicated and intricate. It has several components, and a simple component failure can result in audio blocking. As a result, you must examine every component of the system. Replace or repair the faulty or malfunctioning component. To minimise further damage, it is best to contact a technician. Minor issues, on the other hand, can be resolved by following this method. We have discussed all of the methods that you can use if your automobile speaker is not working on one side.

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