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How Much to Fix Car Axle?

How Much to Fix Car Axle

How Much to Fix Car Axle? A faulty axle, whether broken or bent, must be replaced as soon as possible! It is a big safety concern, and driving with a damaged axle causes significant damage to your vehicle. Because the axle is a critical component that holds the wheels in place and supports the weight of your vehicle. So, don’t put off replacing your axle because your car is on its final legs.

Signs Your Car Axle Needs Fixing

  1. Steering Wheel Vibrations
  2. Noises While Driving
  3. Instability While Driving

What is an Axle in a Car?

An axle, in its most basic form, is a shaft that rotates a gear or wheel. Axles in automobiles began as iron beams that supported the vehicle’s weight and held the wheels in place. Axles grew into several types as the design and functions of a car evolved. However, its primary purpose remains the same: support and balance.

How Much to Fix Car Axle?

1. Front Axle

Before taxes and fees, the cost of repairing an axle ranges between $500 and $600. The cost of a vehicle varies depending on its kind, brand, make, and model. Labour expenses range between $50 and $140 based on the length of the job and the model of the vehicle.

2. Rear Axle

The majority of the cost of repairing an axle is made up of parts, which range from $430 to $480 dollars. A rear axle repair typically costs between $50 and $70 in labour.


An axle can refer to a variety of things. It usually refers to either a constant velocity axle, which is used in front-wheel-drive cars or a rear-wheel axle shaft, which is found in rear-wheel-drive cars. Rear-wheel-drive vehicles have a driveshaft that connects the engine in the front to a differential at the back, which directs power to the rear wheels.

As a result, they do not employ CV axles in the front, but rather a stub axle for each front wheel. If the differential fails to function properly, you may be able to fix a portion of it. A comprehensive rear differential replacement is a more expensive option.

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