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How to Fix Hail Dent Damage on Car Body?

How to Fix Hail Dent Damage on Car Body? Mother Nature might be unexpected, but one thing is certain: the weather can wreak havoc on your automobile. When a particularly violent hailstorm damages a car’s paint job or dent the surface, many owners are left wondering how to restore their vehicle to like-new condition.

How to Fix Hail Dent Damage on Car Body?

While the extent of the hail damage, your experience, and accessible tools all play a role, hail damage restoration is not a simple task. If you’re interested in DIY repair solutions, here are a few of the most frequent ones.

1. Heat Gun to Fix Hail Dent Damage

When a car has a dent — and, in the case of hail damage, multiple dents — the metal surface expands to some extent. You can use a rapid heating and cooling process to repair the stretch, eliminate the damage, and restore the car’s surface to normal.

Each dent can be warmed on a medium/low setting using a heat gun, then swiftly treated with a very cold element, such as dry ice. The theory is that the heat softens the metal surface, and the rapid cooling from the ice causes the metal to flex, pushing the dent out of the car. This procedure, however, is not infallible; warming the vehicle’s surface might harm the paint and make issues worse.

2. Suction Cup Pulling Tools

Suction cup-pulling tools are another, more accessible piece of equipment for repairing hail damage to vehicles. As the name implies, these tools can be suctioned straight to the damage and then lifted up to smooth the car’s surface. When there are a lot of dents, this can be a time-consuming and physically exhausting job that must be done correctly.

How Much Does Hail Damage Fix Cost?

  1. Small Dent Hail: The cost of fixing small-dent hail damage is $30 to $45.
  2. Medium Dent Hail: The cost of fixing medium-dent hail damage is $30 to $45.
  3. Large Dent Hail: The cost of fixing large-dent hail damage is $75.


The cost and difficulty of hail damage repair are determined by the extent of the damage. If you have comprehensive coverage and have met your deductible, your insurance should pay the cost of repairs. For information about your vehicle’s damage, speak with a reputable body shop to get an estimate on the cost of repairs.

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