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How Much is It to Fix Dents in Car?

How Much is It to Fix Dents in Car

How Much is It to Fix Dents in Car? When you own a car, you must accept the probability of traffic accidents and dents. While you are comfortable with your own driving abilities, you have no control over the abilities of others, and you may return to the parking lot at any time to find that someone has dented your car.

There are numerous ways in which a car might be dented or damaged. A fender accident or sideswipe from another vehicle could result in a significant dent or scrape. Bikes, balls, fallen tree branches, grocery store carts, and even heavy hailstorms can produce dents.

How Much is It to Fix Dents in Car?

Fortunately, because dents are so prevalent, dent repairs are just as simple. However, having a dent fixed and repainting your car may be a time-consuming and expensive chore. The average dent repair costs between $125 and $500+, however, the real cost will depend on the method, the type of car you drive, and other considerations.

What is Traditional Dent Repair?

Traditional dent removal entails pounding the dent out of the car’s external body to a workable level before sanding down the region. Layers of the bonding material are meticulously used to reshape the damaged region to duplicate the original form, and after sanding, paint is sprayed to match the rest of the body.

This method of repair is less expensive than purchasing replacement panels. If you attempt to repair the dent yourself, you risk losing your car’s warranty and lowering its value. Instead, visit a local collision repair company for the best sort of repair for your vehicle.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair is the technique of reshaping the body of a dented car with specialised tools so that it looks exactly as it did before. Because there is no need to repaint, you won’t have to worry about matching the dented area to the rest of the car’s paint. Although the procedure of paintless dent restoration is less labour-demanding, it is nonetheless sophisticated and necessitates the knowledge of a qualified tradesperson.

The damage is first assessed by a technician. The contours and angles of the dent are mapped out. The technician examines the shape, size, and location of the dent on your car with great care.

The technician may then need to remove accessories, body panels, lighting, or interior panels from your car to have complete access to the dent.

Finally, specialists apply pressure with specialised tools, delicately moving the metal back into its rightful position without damaging the paintwork.

What Can’t Be Fixed with Paintless Dent Repair?

Unfortunately, paintless dent repair cannot solve all problems. Paintless repair is only appropriate for dents where the paint is still intact. It should not be used on surfaces with scratches, scrapes, or chipped paint, or on surfaces with peeling or bubbling paint.

Paintless dent restoration is also ineffective when the metal has been stretched or bent to the point where it cannot be easily reformed.

Factors That Can Influence the Cost to Fix Dents in Car

The cost of traditional and paintless dent repair is controlled by a wide range of factors. The size of the harm should be the first consideration. Dents are classified into three types.

  1. Minor dings and dents. This is normally smaller than a quarter and is easily repaired. Dents of this size do not necessarily necessitate the use of a professional and can range in price from $50 to $200. This category includes the majority of common dents.
  2. Moderate dent damage can range from 1-2 inches and is frequently caused by a foreign body. These repairs frequently necessitate additional labour and take longer to complete, therefore they are normally priced between $2,000 and $5,000 to complete.
  3. Significant dent damage. Severe damage is significantly larger, frequently deeper, and takes far more time and skill to restore. These repairs can cost up to $10,000 and should only be performed by auto repair experts.

The location of the dent can also raise the cost. Dents in difficult-to-reach areas, for example, will be more expensive to repair. The repair operation will be more labour-intensive if a car has several dents, as is usual with hailstone damage. Overall costs and costs per dent will rise as a result.

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