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Honda CD70 2024 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

Honda CD70 2024 Price in Pakistan. As everyone is aware, Pakistan’s most popular 70cc motorcycle is the Honda CD 70. It’s been a great winner for the business, a true success story. The CD 70, like its larger sibling, the Honda 125, hasn’t undergone any significant alterations in a while. Many of us had high hopes for the Honda 70 2024 model when it was released.

But what we have is a bike with a fresh sticker (NAWEE PATTI) that comes in a single new shade, blue. It would still be offered in the colours red and black. The Honda CD 70 was introduced in 1984 and competed with two-stroke motorcycles of the time. With a high resale value, the bike has dominated the Pakistani market for decades.

Honda CD70 2024 Price

The engine in the Honda CD 70 is a certified Euro II engine. It boasts a multiple-wet clutch plate setup that improves its performance and longevity and a four-speed constant mesh gearbox. The CD 70 has a dry weight of 82 kg and an 8.8:1 compression ratio.

Honda CD70 2024 Price in Pakistan

The most recent price for the Honda CD 70 in Pakistan is Rs157,900.

Honda CD70 2024PKR 157,900


The current Honda CD 70 model’s specifications and characteristics are listed below.

Engine4-Stroke OHC Air Cooled
Displacement72 cm3
Bore & Stroke47.0 x 41.4 mm
Compression Ratio9.3:1
ClutchMultiplate Wet Clutch
Transmission4 Speed Constant Mesh
Dimension(LxWxH) 1897 X 751 X 1014 mm
Ground Clearance136 mm
Petrol Capacity8.5 Liters (1 Liter in Reserve)
Starting SystemKick Start
FrameBackbone Type
Front Tire 2.25 – 17 (4 PR)
Back Tire 2.50 – 17 (4 PR)
Dry Weight82kg

CD 70 2024 vs. 2023:

The following image contrasts the Honda CD 70 from 2024 and 2023. As you can see from the comparison shot, the new model appears to be unchanged other than for new stickers and a new colour.

Fuel Average:

No other bike in the 70cc class is likely to have a greater fuel economy than the Honda CD 70. Honda claims to get 70 miles per gallon. However, the claims made by consumers differ, since the majority of them assert that the average petrol mileage is between 50 and 65 km/l. Several factors, including the bike’s age, the driver’s style, the state of the roads, maintenance, and other considerations, might affect fuel efficiency.


Honda CD70 is available in the 3 different colours Red, Black, and Blue.

Expectations for the Honda CD 70 model in 2024:

The Honda CD 70 2024 model is expected to meet the following client expectations. However, they were given the same old bike with the exact same specifications, features, design, and structure instead, although with new stickers and a colour selection.

  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Tubeless tyres
  • Alloy wheels
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Better ground clearance
  • A new shape and design
  • New headlight and taillight shape
  • Better acceleration
  • Affordable price
  • Euro 5 emission standards
  • Electric start option

What’s New in Honda CD 70?

Race Cone Set:

  • Upgraded Material
  • Efficient Handle Movement
  • Improved Comfort
  • Smoother Ride


Atlas Honda has been manufacturing a motorcycle with the same design for many years. Because it is produced in large quantities, people keep purchasing it because of its dependability and ease of maintenance. The Honda CD 70 is one of the best-selling bikes in the nation, coming in second only to the Honda CG 125 in terms of popularity and resale value.


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