Chery Tiggo 9 2023 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

Chery Tiggo 9 2023 Price in Pakistan. Here we talk about the Chery Tiggo 9 price in Pakistan. People are getting ready to enjoy the brand-new automobile as it is shortly to be launched in the nation. Before this car, the brand in the nation that is adored and liked the most by the people who wish to experience new things found two cars.

Let’s look at the country’s launch date for the car, the sources from which it can be purchased there, and the features and specs it will have. This post will examine each of these features and requirements. Let’s talk about all of these aspects now, starting with how much this car costs.

Chery Tiggo 9 2023 Price in Pakistan

Since the vehicle has not yet been introduced in the nation, we will only provide you with an estimate of its potential retail price in the nation. It is anticipated that the car will be sold in the nation for PKR 6,221,465. The base model of this car may be purchased in the nation for this amount. Since the vehicle has not yet been formally introduced in the nation, taxes are not included in the price.

Chery Tiggo 9 2023 PricePKR 6,221,465

Chery Tiggo 9 2023 Price in US

Chery Tiggo 9 2023 PriceUSD $21,800 (Estimated)

So, the price of this will undoubtedly increase once the taxes are included. Inflation is currently driving up costs for every good, including those in Pakistan, throughout the world. Additionally, all of these factors were estimated by several automotive experts. We must wait for the car’s launch or until corporate authorities give us formal word regarding the price before making an accurate statement about the car’s price.

Chery Tiggo 9 2023 Specifications:

Seating Capacity7 Persons
Transmission TypeAutomatic (Dual-clutch), 7-speed
Number of DoorsSUV, 5-doors
Horsepower254 hp (251 bhp)

Chery Tiggo 9 2023 Launch Date:

It is unknown when this chery car will be introduced in the nation. Originally scheduled for release in the middle of this year, the corporation decided to postpone the debut of the vehicle because of global economic unpredictability. The vehicle will be introduced to the nation as soon as conditions improve, and people will enjoy driving it there.

Chery Tiggo 9 2023 Price

Chery Tiggo 9 2023 Features:

  • Passenger Side Airbags
  • Air Conditioner
  • Heater
  • Vehicle Collision Control
  • Cruise Control
  • Lane Change Assist
  • Alloy Rims
  • Cup Holders
  • Ventilated Seats
  • Heated Seats
  • Rain Sensing Wipers
  • Traffic Warning System
  • Stability Control
  • Traction Control
  • Driver Side Airbags

Chery Tiggo 9 2023 Colors:

As soon as the car is introduced in the nation, the following colours are anticipated. These are all the colours that the company has designated for the vehicle in the locations where it is currently being deployed.

When the car debuts in the nation, the colours will presumably be the same. So let’s wait for the release of this vehicle and then observe whether the corporation continues to offer the colours shown above or if it reduces the range of colours available for this vehicle in the nation. Additionally, the corporation might release this car in the nation in additional colours.

Engine Displacement:

This car’s 1.5-litre engine has enough power to support the vehicle’s weight and the weight of its occupants. This engine is highly dependable because it uses less fuel than other types and makes the car considerably more fuel-efficient. Here, the engine of this car is built with the needs of the nations where it is now being sold in mind.

Because it will be much simpler for consumers to maintain the engine health of their cars, the firm put a lot of effort into creating the engine for this vehicle. Lower-powered engines are frequently more dependable and simple to maintain. Additionally, because the car does not lag while changing gears, these engines perform better and use less gasoline on average when paired with a continuously variable transmission gear gearbox.


The vehicle is not yet on the market in the nation. The final launch date for this vehicle in Pakistan must be announced by Chery. We will inform our users as soon as we learn when this car will officially launch in the nation. Furthermore, there’s no need to worry if you can’t wait too long for the automobile to enter the market; all you have to do is arrange for a new import of this vehicle through a reputable import car dealer. He will support you throughout the import process and expedite the delivery of the car to you. All of this is related to the Chery Tiggo 9 Price in Pakistan in 2023.


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