Opel Zafira-E Life 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

Opel Zafira-E Life Price in Pakistan

Opel Zafira-E Life 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features. Your passengers will enjoy not just first-class luxury and adaptability, but also all the benefits of a 100% electric propulsion with the new Zafira-e Life: You don’t have to worry about limits when driving into city centers. Opel Zafira-E Life Latest Model Price in Pakistan.

The new Opel Zafira-e Life comes in three lengths and two battery sizes, with a range of up to 339 kilometers (WLTP) 1. It’s both elegant and secure: The driver and passengers may feel entirely safe thanks to a variety of cutting-edge support technologies such as lane assistants, drowsiness warning systems, head-up displays, 180-degree panoramic reversing cameras, and xenon headlights.

WLTP combined electricity usage in kWh per 100km: 26.1 – 21.7 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions 0 g/km, range: 196 – 238 km, charging time approx. 4 h 45 min (approx. 11 kW, 3-phase); Opel Zafira-e Life with 75 kWh battery: 27.3 – 24.4 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions 0 g/km, range: 285 – 339 km, charging time approx. 7 h 45 min (approx (approx. 11 kW, 3-phase).

You can choose between a 50 kWh battery with a range of up to 238 km and a 75 kWh battery with a range of up to 339 km (WLTP) 1 with the new Zafira-e Life. The batteries are situated beneath the luggage compartment in such a way that the vehicle’s center of gravity is low and the loading space is unrestricted.

You and your passengers will always enjoy a comfortable, calm trip in the new Zafira-e Life, whether you want to have a quiet conversation or just need a break from the noise and bustle of everyday life. It is suited for use in city centers and densely populated regions due to its 100% electric motor. Opel Zafira-E Life Price in Pakistan 2022.

Opel Zafira-E Life 2022 Price in Pakistan

The Price of an Opel Zafira-E Life 2022 in Pakistan is 11,108,163 PKR.

Opel Zafira-E Life 2022PKR 11,108,163 (Estimated)

Opel Zafira-E Life 2022 Price in USA

Opel Zafira-E Life 2022$54,518 US Dollar (Estimated)


No energy is wasted in the new Zafira-e Life because the regenerative braking technology turns kinetic power into more energy and hence more range as soon as you take your foot off the accelerator or brake. Driving mode B provides for the most braking waiver feasible, lowering maintenance and operational expenses.

Both the 50 kWh battery with 18 modules and the 75 kWh battery with 27 modules have a high energy density and can be charged to 80% with a DC quick charger 1 in about 30 or 45 minutes. The new Zafira-e Life may be fully charged overnight using either the regular 7.4 kW charging connection or the 11 kW onboard charger.

The vehicle data monitoring system uses specific sensors to provide you with a thorough overview and forecast of driving characteristics, range, and energy consumption, so you can drive as effectively as possible. With electromobility, the future of urban mobility, you can forget about high fuel costs, environmental zones, and rising vehicle taxes. You can take advantage of extremely low running costs and government incentives with the new Zafira-e Life. Opel Zafira-E Life 2022 Price in Pakistan.


The Opel Zafira Life is powered by a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbodiesel that delivers 110 kW/370 Nm and drives the MPV’s front wheels via a ZF-sourced 8-speed automatic transmission. There are 2 levels of trim, but whereas the entry-level Edition offers seating for 8, the flagship Elegance is a 7-seater, with the central row adopting VIP single seats and incorporating a cleverly packaged deployable table. 

The Elegance’s pair of individual middle seats can be rotated to face the rear of the vehicle and the table can be shifted backward to create the effect of “seats arranged around a table”. Opel suggests that one could host business meetings back there, but we think a more realistic application would be a friendly family picnic. Clever design or a gimmick? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

If you recognize this face, that’s because the Opel Zafira is a collaboration between Peugeot (Traveller), Citroen (SpaceTourer), and Toyota (ProAce). The Edition derivative is evidently geared towards business operators, while the Elegance features some family-orientated “lifestyle” touches.



Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h12.1 sec
Top Speed130 km/h
Electric Range *175 km
Total Power100 kW (136 PS)
Total Torque260 Nm

Battery and Charging

Battery Capacity *50.0 kWh
Battery Useable*45.0 kWh

Dimensions and Weight

Length5306 mm
Width1920 mm
Width with mirrors2204 mm
Height1890 mm
Wheelbase3275 mm
Weight Unladen (EU)1989 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR)2965 kg
Max. Payload1051 kg
Cargo VolumeNo Data
Cargo Volume MaxNo Data
Cargo Volume Frunk0 L
Roof Load0 kg
Tow Hitch PossibleYes
Towing Weight Unbraked750 kg
Towing Weight Braked1000 kg
Vertical Load Max60 kg


Seats9 people
IsofixYes, 3 seats
Turning Circle12.4 m
PlatformPSA EMP2
Car BodySmall Passenger Van
SegmentN – Commercial
Roof RailsNo
EV Dedicated PlatformNo

Opel Zafira-E Life 2022 Review

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