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How to Fix Sun Damage On Car?

How to Fix Sun Damage On Car

How to Fix Sun Damage On Car? If you’ve been driving your automobile for a while, you may have noticed that its exterior has begun to deteriorate. Long durations of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays produce photo-degradation of the paint, causing the colour to fade. The paintwork may even begin to break, rendering the exterior of your vehicle unappealing.

The greatest automotive paints will eventually succumb to the sun’s intense ultraviolet radiations. So, how do you go about repairing sun damage to your car’s paint and restoring its appearance?

How to Fix Sun Damage On Car?

1. Apply a rubbing compound

If the paint has faded but the surface quality is still good, one simple solution is to use rubbing compound, which is available at auto parts stores. A rubbing compound is a cutting paste that can be used to restore worn paintwork and finish body repairs. It will revitalise the colour and restore the sheen to the paint.

Choose a very fine cut for the finest effects. Apply the compound in a shaded place, away from direct sunlight, so that it does not solidify while you are still working on it.

To begin, properly wash and dry the automobile using a clean cloth. Using an orbital car polisher or a buffing pad, apply the rubbing compound to the sun-damaged region. Circular motions should be used until there is no more compound residue on the panel.

Working on little areas at a time is recommended before moving on to the next. This keeps the compound from drying out before you can reach other parts of it.

2. Clean it up to Fix Sun Damage On Car

When you’ve finished treating all of the afflicted places, move on to the rest of the car, starting at the top. To remove any remaining compound, wash the automobile with clean water and wipe it down with a clean cloth. Inspect the car’s body to ensure that no areas were overlooked.

3. Seek professional assistance

While rubbing compounds can give your car a new topcoat, professional help is recommended if the paintwork is broken or significantly damaged. Trained professionals will assist in evaluating the condition of the paintwork and devising a plan to restore the shine. They will either refinish the entire vehicle or paint only the corroded sections. If you want guaranteed outcomes, consulting with a reputed specialist may be the way to go.

Damaged automobile paint can make your vehicle appear unsightly, and if you plan to sell or trade it in, you must maintain its visual appeal. Waxing your car at regular intervals will offer a layer of protection to the paint and lengthen the life of the vehicle. Use covered parking to keep the sun’s rays from fading the paint. Use car covers if you don’t have access to covered parking, especially on sunny days. Wash your automobile only using a gentle cleanser made specifically to protect car paint.

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