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How to Fix Bad Gas in Car?

How to Fix Bad Gas in Car? Even if you visit the same gas station on a regular basis, dirty gas can enter your vehicle. That is why it is critical to learn the signs of dirty gas in your automobile as well as the procedures to correct the condition.

All of these symptoms are covered in this guide. Furthermore, we demonstrate how to address the situation and provide advice on how to avoid nasty gas.

Symptoms Of Bad Gas in Car

  1. Check Engine Light
  2. Acceleration Issues
  3. Stalling Engine
  4. Engine Doesn’t Start
  5. Damaged Fuel Filter

How to Fix Bad Gas in Car?

1. Use Dry Gasoline to Fix Bad Gas in Car

The first option would be dry gasoline, although it is not assured. If there is only a trace of water or condensation in the tank, the dry gas may be enough to get you back up and running. This alcohol-based addition cleans the polluted tank. To begin, follow the guidelines on the label.

2. Siphon Out Gas

If the dry gas doesn’t work, you know the only option is to drain the tank. There are three options, with syphoning being the simplest.
You can empty the tank using a syphoning tube. However, you should never do this unless you understand how to do it correctly. Furthermore, you must ensure that the contaminated gas is appropriately contained and disposed of.

3. Drop the Gas Tank

If all else fails, you must empty the gas tank by dropping it. This is no minor effort, and it may be wise to delegate it to a professional.

Again, you’ll need something to hold all of the gas you take out of the tank. You must also dispose of it appropriately to avoid it being disposed of unethically.

4. Fill Up with Premium Fuel to Fix Bad Gas in Car

After installing the dry gasoline, you can refill the tank. Even if you don’t generally use high-octane fuel, we recommend it. This is a vital step regardless of the type of vehicle you drive.

You want the engine to obtain the greatest gas possible so that it can start again. The only way to undo what has been done is to pump some excellent gas.

5. Use Drain Plug (Older vehicles)

Most automobiles lack a drain plug, which is required to do an oil change. However, it is still used in some older makes and models.

You can pour the tank into a pan if your vehicle has a drain plug. Just keep in mind that you’ll need a large enough container to hold all of the gas since the tank could be pretty full. Once the flow begins, you won’t be able to stop it.


Bad or polluted gas might impair the performance of your vehicle. In more serious cases, leaving this gas in your vehicle for an extended period of time could damage your engine. While there are numerous origins of bad gas, it is important to understand the symptoms and how to get toxic gas out of your car as soon as possible. Best wishes!

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