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How Much to Fix Paint Chip on Car?

How Much to Fix Paint Chip on Car? Chipped paint will not render your vehicle undrivable, but it is unpleasant to live with. It’s not as noticeable to others as it is to you, making you shudder every time you see it. Fortunately, repairing a chip in your paint is not an expensive or rare task.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how much it costs to fix damaged paint on a car. We’ll look at rates and what you can expect when having a scratch or dent repaired on your car.

Causes of Chipped Paint on your Car

  1. Debris
  2. Weather
  3. Putting Things into Perspective
  4. Minor Damage
  5. Moderate Damage
  6. Severe Damage

How Much to Fix Paint Chip on Car?

A few factors influence how you repair paint chips on your car. The most important is the extent of the damage you’re dealing with. Furthermore, if you have a particular paint or sealant used for the colour of your car, you will pay more. The smaller the chip, the less expensive the repair. What does it cost to repair chipped paint on a car? Here’s what you should budget for.

1. Minor Damages

Expect to spend a lesser range of costs if your car’s paint has minor chips. You’ll need to discover a professional who can paint and match your hue, resulting in a properly polished and cleaned-up exterior with no traces of chipping. The price of fixing Minor Damages is $70 to $150.

2. Moderate Damages

The larger the paint chips, the higher the price. The price of fixing Moderate Damages is $150 to $400. If you have moderate damage that requires additional paint and works to repair, you could be charged up to $400.

3. Severe Damages

Severe damage has the most cost and can take the longest to restore. When your automobile has substantial paint damage, you should anticipate paying $450 or more depending on your location, the paint, and the average labour expenses.

What Should Things Do Keeping Paint From Chipping?

You can’t do much to prevent minor hiccups from occurring here and there. You can protect the topcoat of your car with sealants, although they are not 100% effective. When you have minor paint chips, follow this preventative routine to save money on major paint chips.

  1. Clean It Up
  2. Sand it Down
  3. Apply a Base
  4. Paint It Up
  5. Sand It Down Again
  6. Stop Chips Before They Start


Before restoring your chipped paint, consider all of your alternatives. I strongly advise you to contact your insurance company to see whether the damage is covered with minimal to no out-of-pocket expenses. If you find yourself in need of a paint repair kit, don’t worry; there are many affordable ones on the market, and the technique is actually quite straightforward.

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