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How to Fix a Car That Randomly Dies While Driving?

How to Fix a Car That Randomly Dies While Driving

How to Fix a Car That Randomly Dies While Driving? If you’ve ever had your automobile die unexpectedly while driving, you understand the fear that situation may induce. Even if you are able to restart it, you may believe that big repairs are in your future. Fortunately, this is not always the case.

How to Fix a Car That Randomly Dies While Driving?

Kilmer points out that a variety of issues, including faulty gasoline pumps and ignition systems, might cause your automobile to stall while driving. That means you’ll have to conduct some digging to figure out what went wrong. Here is the step-by-step guide to fix a car that randomly dies while driving.

1. Get Scan Tool

To accurately investigate the problem on your own, you will need to obtain a scan tool. Scotty, on the other hand, says not to worry. Professional scan tools can be purchased used for roughly $30, while cheaper devices can be purchased new for around $50.

2. Plug in Scan Tool

Determine where you want to plug in your scan instrument. The Mazda in the video has a port just above the fuse box, near the driver’s footwell. The one for your car is most likely in the same vicinity. Simply plug in your scan tool once you’ve located the port.

3. Turn Your Ignition on to Fix a Car That Randomly Dies While Driving

Leave your scan tool plugged in and turn on your vehicle. Turn it to the on position to activate the dash dummy lights. You don’t want your car to start while you scan it, so don’t crank the key any further.

4. Read Code and Look it up

Search the menus on your scanner for ‘Read Codes’ or anything similar. Enter to choose that option. The equipment will notify you to wait while it communicates with the vehicle.

It should display any codes stored in the onboard computer within a few moments. The P0340 code for the cam position sensor appears on the car Scotty is scanning. The scanner also informs him that the problem is with the sensor at bank one, which is located on the passenger side of this Mazda.

5. Check the Most Likely Culprits

The P0340 code for the cam position sensor, according to Kilmer, could indicate that the sensor is faulty. However, this is not always the case. It could possibly be a problem with the wiring or the onboard computer. To be sure and avoid throwing expensive parts at the problem, you must inspect them all.

6. Tap Your Sensor with a Hammer

Depending on whatever bank is displayed on the scan tool, inspect the valve cover for the cam position sensor. This sensor is placed at the back of the valve cover near the firewall on the Mazda that Scotty is repairing.

Get a hammer and start your car to test the sensor. Then, lightly tap the sensor’s top a couple of times. If your engine stalls or starts to miss, the sensor has to be replaced.

7. Replace the Sensor to Fix a Car That Randomly Dies While Driving

If your sensor fails, you may easily replace it yourself. Simply press the connector to disconnect the cabling. Then, using the suitable socket, loosen the bolt. Scotty relied on his trusty 10mm socket.

With the bolt removed, give the sensor a wriggle and it should pop out. The replacement sensor instals just as easy. Simply reattach it with the original bolt. However, don’t overtighten it or you’ll shatter the plastic.

8. Apply Electrical Cleaner and Grease

Clean the connector with an electrical cleaner before attaching it to the new sensor. After that, coat the connector with electrical contact lubricant. With those methods, you should be able to maintain the current flowing through the sensor without issue. After that, simply click the connector into place with a strong press.

9. Erase Codes to Reset Your Check Engine Light

You’ll need to reset the check engine light before you can praise yourself on the back for a job well done. To do so, use your scan tool to pick ‘Erase Codes’ and click enter. Then, to confirm, press the ‘Yes’ button. The scan tool will pause for a few periods before erasing all of the codes stored in the computer’s memory.

When you start the car, you will find that the check engine light has gone out. If the problem is completely rectified, your automobile should start and run normally.

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