Chery Demonstrates Mini EV for Women Price in Pakistan

Chery Demonstrates Mini EV for Women Price in Pakistan. It is also known as the Chery QQ Ice Cream Queen Space and is a tiny electric vehicle (EV) with an oddball exterior and interior. The boxy mini-EV has been embellished with toy-like aesthetic details, including wings that stick out from the C-pillars in the back, a pink and violet color scheme, cosmetics-related decals, a large lipstick, white and beige wheels, and more.

The pink, beige, and white colour scheme continue inside, with a steering wheel that looks like it belongs in a Tesla Model S Plaid, fluffy floor mats, and what appears to be a large makeup cabinet on the passenger side. The shows car’s powertrain, according to a report, was the same as the basic model of the QQ Ice Cream: a 26.8 horsepower (20 kW) electric motor with a top speed of 100 km/h and 85 Nm of torque.

Chery Demonstrates Mini EV Exterior

The shark fin antenna, which is present in Joyous Peach, is one feature that sets it apart from the base model. The base model also does not have the white bars that are on the doors. PR pictures show a soft background with balloons, a merry-go-round, and rainbows, and all of them are bathed in light pink and light purple. Chery didn’t stop when it had to indulge its own engineering creativity when it came to the rims.

Although we don’t yet have information on the interior, we can show you what the QQ Ice Cream (base model) interior looks like. In the image above, more pastel pink is to be expected. It seems like a good vehicle to own given the value Chery provides.

Chery Demonstrates Mini EV Interior


The car specs are more than enough for daily commutes. The vehicle is powered by a single electric motor with 27 hp and 85 Nm torque. Buyers can decide between an 8.8kWh battery for 120 km of range or 9.3 kWh for 170 km range. The battery size is surprisingly small, but the range is good enough!

A light car running on a light battery eventually means less fuel and cheaper replacements (and higher profit margins). The top speed of the vehicle is limited to 100 km/h for all versions. Depending on the specs, it can cost from $5,930 to $7410. Its dimensions are 2980mm x 1496mm x 1637mm, with a 120 mm wheelbase.

Chery Demonstrates Mini EV Price

The motor is powered by a 13.9 kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery, which has a range of up to 170 kilometers on a single charge. Although it is equal to Rs. 970,000, the starting price of the Chery QQ Ice Cream Queen Space variant is still unknown.

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