Toyota Corolla 2023 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

Toyota Corolla Price in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla 2023 Price in Pakistan. The twelve-generation Toyota Corolla is a little car with excellent fuel economy and a wealth of standard safety equipment. Still, it is significantly less fun to drive than it looks. The most potent Corolla comes with a four-cylinder engine with just 169 horsepower and lacklustre acceleration.

Other tiny cars, like the Mazda 3 and Honda Civic, are more agile, quick, and spirited, making them significantly more fun to drive. What distinguishes the Corolla from other compacts is its wide selection of models. The Corolla is available as a sedan or hatchback and also comes with a very fuel-efficient hybrid drivetrain with front- or all-wheel drive.

By 2023, Toyota makes significant revisions to Corolla’s trim levels and engine. SE and XLE trim levels are now available for Corolla Hybrid cars, and an all-wheel drive is now an option for Hybrid SE and LE trims. Toyota Corolla is the latest model Price in Pakistan. The 169-hp 2.0-litre, which was previously exclusively offered with SE, XSE, and Apex trims, has taken the place of the 139-hp 1.8-litre that was sold with the L, LE, and XLE trims.

All Corollas now come standard with an 8.0-inch infotainment screen instead of the previous smaller screens. All models receive a new 4.2-inch gauge cluster, while the XSE and XLE now feature a redesigned 7.0-inch gauge cluster. Minor aesthetic upgrades across the board for the Corolla include LED daytime running lights and reworked headlights for the SE, XSE, and XLE. Toyota Corolla Price in Pakistan 2023.

Toyota Corolla 2023 Price in Pakistan

The price of the Toyota Corolla 2023 in Pakistan starts from 5,982,000 to 7,562,000 PKR (Estimated).

VariantPriceFilerNon Filer
Corolla X Altis MT 1.6PKR 5,982,000 (Estimated)Filer PKR 50,000 /-Non-Filer PKR 150,000 /-
Corolla X Altis CVT 1.6LPKR 6,572,000 (Estimated)Filer PKR 50,000 /-Non-Filer PKR 150,000 /-
Corolla X Altis CVT 1.8LPKR 6,902,000 (Estimated)Filer PKR 150,000 /-Non Filer PKR 450,000 /-
Corolla X Altis Grande CVT-I 1.8 (Beige Interior)PKR 7,522,000 (Estimated)Filer PKR 150,000 /-Non Filer PKR 450,000 /-
Corolla X Altis Grande CVT-I 1.8 (Black Interior)PKR 7,562,000 (Estimated)Filer PKR 150,000 /-Non Filer PKR 450,000 /-
Corolla X Altis CVT 1.6L Special EditionPKR 7,202,000 (Estimated)Filer PKR 50,000 /-Non Filer PKR 150,000 /-

Toyota Corolla 2023 Price in USA

VariantOld PriceNew Price
Toyota Corolla Altis X MT 1.6$19,850 US Dollars (Estimated)$20,830 US Dollars (Estimated)
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 X CVT-i$21,660 US Dollars (Estimated)$22,830 US Dollars (Estimated)
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 X CVT-i SE$23,800 US Dollars (Estimated)$25,090 US Dollars (Estimated)
Toyota Corolla Altis Grande 1.6 X CVT-i 1.8 Beige$24,900 US Dollars (Estimated)$26,150 US Dollars (Estimated)
Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 X CVT-i 1.8 Black$25,050 US Dollars (Estimated)$26,300 US Dollars (Estimated)


The Corolla has a continuously variable automatic transmission and a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine with 169 horsepower (CVT). For SE and Apex SE models, a six-speed manual transmission is extra. While the powertrain is the same for all hatchbacks, the sedan additionally has a hybrid option. Even the most powerful engine cannot produce an acceptable acceleration, as seen in our tests of the Corolla SE hatchback and Corolla XSE sedan.

However, the Toyota twins drove steadily and with great caution on the motorway. Unfortunately, rapid acceleration led to rough engine noises that detracted from their elegance. The Corolla hatchback and sedan both feature a smooth ride that effectively isolates all but the harshest bumps. Additionally, they are more agile than earlier incarnations thanks to their controlled body movements.

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Both the hatchback and sedan versions of the Corolla have a modern dashboard and soft-touch materials inside. Push-button start and passive entry are standard on most models. Ambient inside lighting, dual-zone climate control, and heated front seats are further options for others. The sedan has significantly greater legroom behind the front seats than the hatchback, so those who frequently transport passengers in the back should favour it.

We could only put two carry-on bags in the Corolla hatchback’s 18 cubic feet of cargo room under the back seat. The new, free Enhanced Cargo Space option, on the other hand, increases that volume by 6 cubic feet (totalling 23), by swapping out the spare tyre with a tire repair kit. The sedan’s trunk barely offers 13 cubic feet of space, but we managed to fit eight suitcases inside.

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Vehicle LayoutFront-engine, AWD, 2-5-pass, 4-door hatchback
Engine1.6L/300-hp/273-295-lb-ft turbo DOHC 12-valve I-3
Transmission6-speed manual
Curb Weight3,150-3,250 lb (mfr)
Wheelbase103.9 in
Length173.5 in
Width72.9 in
Height57.2 in
0-60 Mph5.5 sec (MT est)
Epa City/Hwy/Comb Fuel EconN/A
Epa Range, CombN/A


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