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Super Power E Car Price in Pakistan 2022, Specs & Features

Super Power E Car Price in Pakistan 2022, Specs & Features. This website is ready to provide pictures of the Super Power Electric Car Price in Pakistan 2022 2 Door Specifications Features Interior Reviews. The price of a Super Power E-Car in Pakistan in 2022 may be found here.

In Pakistan, the term “superpower” is well-known. It has been revealed that it is a part of the Pirani Group of Companies. For more than a decade, Super Power has held a strong position in the 2-wheeler market. The business has just announced the introduction of two electric vehicles (EVs) dubbed “Super Power E-Car” at the My Karachi Expo 2017.

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This has been imported all the way from China, and it can go at a top speed of 55km/h with zero emissions. It has a range of 120 kilometres on a full charge and takes up to 7 hours to fully charge the battery. Super Power electric car price in Pakistan 2022. Electric vehicles may be charged using any standard residential electrical outlet. Super Power E Car 2 door price in Pakistan.

Super Power E Car Price in Pakistan

The price of this car in Pakistan is 600,000 PKR, which is slightly less expensive due to the fact that it only has two seats.

Super Power E Car600,000 PKR (Estimated)

In Pakistan, the term “superpower” is well-known. Super Power has dominated the 2-wheeler market for more than a decade as part of the Pirani Group of Companies. The company recently revealed two electric cars (EVs) at the My Karachi Expo 2017 and intends to market the vehicles in the following months.

Superpower E-Cars

The automobiles are imported from China and have zero emissions. They can go up to 55 km/h and have a range of 120 km on a full charge, which takes up to 7 hours to complete. The EVs may be charged using a standard household outlet. The two-door model will cost between PKR 5.0 and 6.0 lac, while the four-door model would cost between PKR 6.5 and 7.5 lac.

Superpower E-Car

Because there is absolutely no space inside the car other than two seats, the two-door automobile comes with a black interior and a storage box situated outside the car at its back end. The four-door variant appeared to be more spacious, with seating for four passengers, a beige interior, and a small sunroof. Air conditioning and power windows are standard on both models.

Super Power E-Car Interior Design

The car’s interior has been completely outfitted in black, and there is a storage box positioned just outside the back end. There is just room for two people inside. As a result, the four-door variant appeared to be more spacious and can accommodate four passengers.

It comes with a beige interior and a modest sunroof. Both vehicles come equipped with air conditioning and electric windows as standard equipment.

Super Power E-Car Exterior Design

The car’s outside design has been perfected, with the rear trapezoid side swept lights adding to the vehicle’s expressive appearance. Because of the fog lights put in the front and rear bumpers, they are sufficiently large.

Super Power E Car


The following are the characteristics of this vehicle:

  • It is a four-seater vehicle.
  • It also features a tiny section of sunroof.


  • It features a powerful engine with a high voltage of power.
  • It comes with side-swept lights that give it an expressive look.

This concludes the information about this vehicle, which is best suited for two persons on a daily basis.

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