Skoda Fabia 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

Skoda Fabia Price in Pakistan

Skoda Fabia 2022 Price in Pakistan. “The 2022 Skoda Fabia has shed its boxy exterior in favor of a significantly more sleek and elegant design. Despite this, it is as functional and comfy as ever. It’s one of the greatest little hatchbacks on the market, and it’s fun to drive and has a nice cabin.”

2022 Skoda Fabia

We understand what you’re thinking. Is that a genuine Skoda Fabia? Yes, indeed. Because Skoda has opted to make the latest Skoda Fabia appear appealing, which we can’t really say about its predecessor, no matter how worthy it was. To begin with, the new Skoda Fabia looks much better, clearly influenced by the Skoda Kamiq. That’s a nice thing. But, because it’s a Skoda, it’s comfy, functional, and, well, reasonable. You’ve all heard the story before.

So it’s no surprise that the Skoda Fabia’s real strength is its ride quality. It’s excellent for a small car, and when combined with the exceptional refinement, it makes this a surprisingly good motorway cruiser while absorbing rough surfaces and potholes in town. It’s also really simple to drive. Skoda Fabia’s latest model Price in Pakistan.

Yes, the steering could use a little more feel (what modern vehicle couldn’t?). And, no, we wouldn’t call the Skoda Fabia a fun car to drive. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Skoda Fabia Price in Pakistan 2022. The Fabia is a car designed to get you from point A to point B in a cheap and comfortable manner, with its choice of thrifty 1.0-liter engines all capable of 50mpg+.

Skoda Fabia 2022 Price in Pakistan

The price of Skoda Fabia 2022 in Pakistan is 82,72,000 PKR.

Skoda Fabia 2022PKR 82,72,000 (Estimated)

Skoda Fabia 2022 Price in USA

The price of Skoda Fabia 2022 in US Dollars is $37,990.

Skoda Fabia 2022$37,990 US Dollars (Estimated)


“From behind the wheel, the Skoda Fabia will not shake your world. Yes, a Ford Fiesta is more entertaining, but the Fabia is reassuringly easy to drive, comfy, and easy to park. In a nutshell, it’s everything a Skoda Fabia should be.”

This generation of Skoda Fabia feels far more mature than the previous one. What exactly do we mean by that? It’s quieter, rides better, and has all of the characteristics of a car in a higher class. Expect to hear the phrase “refinement” thrown around a lot here.

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The Skoda Fabia seems more spacious inside than before, which passengers in the back will like. The finish quality is outstanding, and it’s also smartly planned, with everything close at hand and properly labeled. There’s no need to look for hidden buttons here.

The seats are nice and supportive, and there’s lots of adjustment in both the driver’s seat and steering column, so even those with long legs can find a comfortable driving position. Despite not having the same boxy form as the previous generation, there is still plenty of space to keep your quiff from getting squished.

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Num. of Doors5
Wheelbase256.4 cm / 100.94 in
Length410.8 cm / 161.73 in
Width178 cm / 70.08 in
Height146 cm / 57.44 in
Front Axle152.5 cm / 60.04 in
Rear Axle150.9 cm / 59.41 in
Ground clearance13.8 cm / 5.43 in
Max. Towing Capacity Weight1100 Kg / 2425 lbs
Num. of Seats5
Aerodynamic drag coefficient – Cx
Front Brakes – Disc dimensionsVented Discs
(- mm / – in)
Rear Brakes – Dics dimensionsDrums
(- mm / – in)
Front Tyres – Rims dimensions185/65 R15
Rear Tyres – Rims dimensions185/65 R15
Turning radius10.4 m / 34.1 feet
Curb Weight1165 Kg / 2568 lbs
Weight-Power Output Ratio10.6 kg/hp
Trunk / Boot capacity380-1190 L / – cu-ft
Front SuspensionIndependent McPherson. Coil Springs. Anti-roll bar.
Rear SuspensionSemi-independent. Coil Springs. Anti-roll bar.
Top Speed205 Km/h / 127 Mph


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