Mada 9 Afghanistan Supercar Goes Viral

Mada 9 Afghanistan Supercar Goes Viral. Last month, claims of an Afghanistan-made supercar went viral on the internet, drawing admiration from both Afghans and Pakistanis. The Mada 9 is a supercar prototype that evolved from the initial design, according to the specifications. At Afghanistan’s Navavari Technical and Vocational Education Center. It is the creation of ENTOP. The Afghanistan Innovation Center and the Ministry of Information Technology.

Mada 9 Afghanistan Supercar Specifications

While specifications are unknown, footage and photographs from the development stage suggest. The body of the Mada 9 is made of lightweight composite materials. The car has an F1-style effective working suspension and is built on a tube frame chassis. In addition, a mid-engine arrangement with the engine behind the driver is available. In the current film, its excellent traction on snow-covered roads reveals an all-wheel drive drivetrain. Mada 9 Afghanistan Supercar images.

Muhammad Raza Ahmadi, CEO of ENTOP, disclosed that the team has been working on the prototype for five years. He claimed that the team plans to finish this project in two weeks and showcase it in its entirety at the Qatar Exhibition. Mada 9 is being developed with the rugged terrains of Afghanistan in mind, according to the developers. Before going into production, the crew will thoroughly test the prototype.

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