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KIA EV9 2023 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

KIA EV9 Price in Pakistan

KIA EV9 2023 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features. The Kia EV9, which will be positioned as the company’s flagship, will be a huge SUV in the vein of the Telluride: massive, boxy, and bold. The future, however, will not be identical to the past! While the EV9 will have similar inside space, it will be smaller. KIA EV9 Latest Model Price in Pakistan.

The Kia EV9 will be built on a bespoke electric vehicle platform (E-GMP) that allows Kia to provide a large cabin in a smaller exterior footprint by expanding the wheelbase while keeping the overhangs less than a comparable gasoline-powered car. The front overhang and bonnet will be shorter in particular, and passengers will benefit from a flat floor. KIA EV9 Price in Pakistan 2023.

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It is similar in size to the US-only Kia Telluride and was designed expressly to meet the demand for large SUVs in that market, as shown by the Concept EV9 that was presented at the Los Angeles auto show late last year. However, due to increased demand for similar vehicles in Europe, they will soon be available for purchase in the United States as well. KIA EV9 2023 Price in Pakistan.

Despite the fact that the EV9 is unlikely to sell in big numbers in the United Kingdom due to its size, Kia believes it can function as a brand-building halo vehicle by attracting purchasers of Range Rovers and other large premium SUVs. KIA EV9 2023 Release Date and Price in Pakistan.

KIA EV9 2023 Price in Pakistan

The expected price of the KIA EV9 2023 Price in Pakistan is PKR 9,215,750 (Expected).

KIA EV9 2023PKR 9,215,750 (Expected)

KIA EV9 2023 Price in USA

The expected price of the KIA EV9 2023 Price in the USA is $50000 US dollars (Expected).

KIA EV9 2023$50000 US Dollar (Expected)

KIA EV9 2023 Exterior

The hood vent duct region, which Kia has used as a solar panel, is a noteworthy exterior design feature. When the car is in open-space parking or on the move during the day, this helps to recover some electric energy. KIA EV9 2023 Price in Pakistan.

The future, however, will not be identical to the past! While the EV9 will have similar inside space, it will be smaller. The front overhang and bonnet will be shorter in particular, and passengers will benefit from a flat floor. The New KIA EV9 2023 First Look and Design.

In an era of low-riding, sleek electric SUVs that sacrifice key SUV features in the name of efficiency, the Kia EV9 would be one of the few that could rival any large SUV in terms of commanding presence. It has a partly flat, high-set bonnet, a straight-ish beltline, a straight-ish roofline, and a slightly hunched rear section.

The Kia Concept EV9 has a classic SUV shape, but its design is a work of modern art that contrasts with the rest of the lineup. With technical-looking headlamps and taillamps, geometric features on the body panels, and three-spoke wheels, the EV9 blends its classic silhouette with its current appearance. A wide, oval-shaped, continuous glass panel built into the roof allows lots of light into the cabin while also providing unimpeded views of the sky. KIA EV9 2023 Price in Pakistan.

Kia EV9 design render

On February 25, KooKiSung studio, a Korean YouTube channel, presented a design render of the production Kia EV9 based on the concept unveiled at the LA Auto Show. It looks massive and muscular, similar to its impending cousin, the Hyundai Ioniq 7, and has a commanding presence on the road. On the render, there’s the signature tiger face, but the star cloud pattern light from the design has been appropriately omitted. Angled fenders replace character lines on the side profile, as do smooth door handles, cameras replace door mirrors, roof rails, gloss black fenders, and a huge glass area with slender pillars.

Reinterpreted Tiger Face

The computerized Tiger Face, which Kia has accepted for the production of EV9, is one of Concept EV9’s design features. The company claims to have reimagined its distinctive design cue for the electric vehicle era. When not in use, a new type of grille houses a complex star pattern display that hides behind the SUV’s body panel. It’s a light show that emphasizes the concept’s futuristic nature.

The hood vent duct region, which Kia has used as a solar panel, is a noteworthy exterior design feature.

KIA EV9 2023 Interior

It’d be a real three-row electric SUV, providing a zero-emission alternative to standard gas-powered American mid-size SUVs. The interior might have a minimalist motif to make it look futuristic while still increasing room and being environmentally friendly.

For many of the interior touchpoints, Kia might use recycled plastics and wool, plant-based (bio PET) yarns and natural wool yarns, plant-based extracts, and other new sorts of eco-friendly, sustainably sourced materials.

The Kia Concept EV9’s interior is very conceptual, but its main design and layout should make it into the real Kia EV9. Everything about this car is futuristic, from the oblong steering wheel to the low-profile horizontal dashboard, the (27-inch) ultra-wide display that combines functions of a traditional instrument panel and an infotainment system, the lack of analogue controls, and the touch-operated digital controls integrated into the dashboard.

27-inch display

Kia has announced that the production EV9 will include a 27-inch ultra-wide display. Returning to the concept form, the interior is purposely compact, save for the incredibly functional huge floor console, which is expected to store plenty of cubby storage areas.

The three rows of seats in the Concept EV9 can be configured in a variety of ways. In Active mode, it gives you the best driving experience. There’s also a Pause Mode, which turns the cabin into a first-class lounge. The front seats swivel to face the rear passengers, while the second-row seats fold down to form a table. Another stationary mode, Enjoy, is available. The tailgate opens in this mode, allowing the occupants to rest while taking in the scenery.

Sustainable materials

On the inside of the Concept EV9, Kia has employed recycled and sustainable materials. To eliminate animal skin processing and have a smaller carbon imprint, the business chose vegan leather for the interior. Kia, like Volvo Cars, plans to phase away leather seats in all of its vehicles. It has stated that the creation of EV9, it will use fishnet detritus, recycled plastic, and other environmentally beneficial components. KIA EV9 2023 Price in Pakistan.


On March 21, 2022, KCB claimed that the Kia EV9’s interior room would be ample. Another location where customized electric platforms excel is in the cabin.

KIA EV9 2023 Specifications

The outward dimensions of the Kia EV9 should be identical to the Kia Concept EV9. To give you a sense of scale, the concept is 194 inches long, 81 inches wide, and 70 inches tall. The vehicle has a 122-inch wheelbase.


The EV9 will be built on Hyundai’s E-GMP platform. The EV9’s version of the dedicated EV platform, which is shared with the Hyundai Ioniq 7, should be the largest. Models of the E-GMP platform use a standardized battery module made up of pouch-type standard cells.

KIA EV9 2023 Price

Range & charging

Kia hasn’t published the Concept EV9’s performance specs, but it has stated that the range is 300 miles. The maximum DC charging power supported is 350 kW, and charging from 10% to 80% takes 20-30 minutes. These statistics should serve as a rough guideline for the manufacturing EV9.

The maximum DC charging power could be larger than that of existing E-GMP models, resulting in a faster charging time. The Ioniq 5 and EV6, for example, can charge at up to 220 kW and 240 kW, respectively. Despite the substantially bigger (100 kWh) battery, the EV9 could take full advantage of 350 kW DC chargers, recharging from 10% to 80% SoC in less than 20 minutes.

Battery & Motor configuration

The Ioniq 7 will apparently be available in single-motor RWD and dual-motor AWD variants, with the latter boasting 308 horsepower. In the EV9, Kia may employ the same motors with identical tunes. A 100 kWh battery pack, which might be more compact and lighter than existing units and use new lithium-ion cells with a greater energy density of roughly 700 Wh/l compared to the current lithium-ion cells with 600 Wh/l energy density, could be another common core component between the two huge SUVs.

Kia President & CEO Ho Sung Song claimed during the 2022 Kia CEO Investor Day that the production EV9 will have a range of 540 km (336 miles), likely based on the South Korean test cycle.

KIA EV9 2023 Features

Wireless charging

Wireless vehicle charging could be one of the Kia EV9’s most appealing features. The first commercially deployable version of the new-age EV charging system could be ready by the time the Kia EV9 hits the market. Customers with an EV9 may be able to install a wireless vehicle charger at home in addition to a wall-box charger.

Seat Interior


V2L would be available with the Kia EV9 because to the E-GMP platform’s bi-directional charging capabilities. At least 3.6 kW of electricity should be available to operate camping equipment, home appliances, movie projectors, a laptop, or other electric vehicles.

Smart Glass

Smart Glass will be available on the production EV9, allowing the level of roof transparency to be adjusted. Each person of a car can maintain its own setting for the amount of natural light that enters the cabin through the sunroof with this technology.


Car Cloud is a connection system developed by Kia. Car Cloud, the business claims, will enable it to attain flexibility in connected car development with its centralized, integrated, and high-performance controller design. It’s possible that the EV9’s connectivity options will be provided by Car Cloud.

Kia hopes to cut recall and campaign expenses by using fewer hardware components and increased software control over the operation of hardware in electric vehicles compared to ICE vehicles. The startup wants to make use of over-the-air (OTA) technology. Consumers of the EV9 might expect fewer trips to the service centre and shorter service intervals than Telluride customers. The EV’s Vehicle Control Unit, Airbag Control Unit, and Motor Driven Power Steering will very certainly be updated.

The production EV9 will have FoD (Feature on Demand) services in addition to OTA updates. Individual software features will be available for purchase and activation by customers. In the era of highly software-controlled pure electric vehicles, software, content, and services have the potential to become a key revenue stream for manufacturers. Kia claims to be working on commercializing emerging technologies like as autonomous driving and OTA, which have the potential to become important contributors to long-term income growth.

Level 3 autonomous driving

automate, Kia’s planned autonomous driving system will be available on the EV9. The second phase of Kia’s autonomous technology plan will begin with this announcement. The Kia EV9’s AutoMode will have an OTA update, NSCC (Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control) with HD maps, Highway Driving Pilot (HDP), and Auto Lane Change. AutoMode will offer fully autonomous driving by 2025 or later.

HDP is a major Level 3 autonomous driving advancement that would allow for hands-free driving on highways without the need for driver intervention. We’ll get to witness HDP in action in the Genesis G90 later this year. In addition to the traditional camera and radar equipment, HDP will use a LiDAR.

An NVIDIA DRIVE infotainment system is another technological highlight of the Kia EV9. Hyundai Motor Group and NVIDIA partnered on the development of NVIDIA DRIVE infotainment systems for Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis cars. The partnership will allow the South Korean automaker to roll out its in-house designed ‘connected vehicle Operating System’ (SOS).

A solar panel roof, virtual mirrors (digital mirrors), face recognition, fingerprint reader, and Digital Key 3.0 with Ultra-Wideband technology may also be available in the Kia EV9.

Front Exterior
Front Exterior
 Back Exterior
Back Exterior


The Kia MV will be manufactured in the AutoLand Gwangmyeong plant in South Korea, according to the ETNews report referenced at the start of the piece. This manufacturing site, formerly known as the Kia Sohari plant, will begin producing the Kia EV9 in April 2023. According to the source, Kia said (translated) in a briefing session for the plant’s employee union, “The new electric vehicle to be produced in Gwangmyeong is a mid-size SUV that leverages the dedicated electric vehicle platform E-GMP and is a model that will lead the brand.”

Release Date

The EV9 will make its debut in September 2023, according to While Kia has announced that the EV9 will be released in 2023, the flagship EV’s initial market could be South Korea, followed by Europe, where the launch is also scheduled for next year.

Kia sneaked in the EV9 U.S. release date during its New York International Auto Show 2022 conference on April 13, 2022. The EV9 will go on sale in the United States in the second half of 2023, according to Russell Wager, Kia America’s Vice President of Marketing.

Kia EV strategy

Kia expects to introduce at least two electric vehicles every year by 2027, bringing the total number of electric vehicles on the market to 14.

The Kia expects to sell 807,000 electric vehicles by 2026, bringing the percentage of electric vehicles in its yearly sales to 21%. If everything goes according to plan, these numbers will rise to 1.2 million EVs and 30%, respectively, by 2030. From 2024, the business will produce electric versions of mid-size SUVs and electric pickup trucks in the United States.

Net carbon neutrality

By 2045, the automaker hopes to have cut 97 percent of its 2019 emissions. “It’s not just about targets,” Kia’s President and CEO explained. It’s about “inspiring others to join the movement,” he says. For this, the company will push forward with its ‘Plan S’ strategy, which aims to cut operational carbon emissions.

By 2035, Kia’s whole European lineup will be totally electric. In other worldwide markets, Kia will only offer electric vehicles starting in 2040.


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