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Indian Scout Motorcycle 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

Indian Scout Motorcycle Price in Pakistan

Indian Scout Motorcycle 2022 Price in Pakistan. Spinning laps on Ventura’s city streets demonstrated that installing the taller 130/60-19 front tire has advantages beyond aesthetics. Its wheel/tire combo is approximately 1.5 lbs lighter than the Bobber’s, and its sharper profile gives the Rogue increased agility in comparison to the Scout’s squatter 130/90-16 rubber. Both in town and on canyon roads, the bike feels lighter on its feet.

2022 Indian Scout Motorcycle

The exhaust noise is attractive in its own right, thumping faster and smoother than classic narrow-angle V-Twins like Indian’s Chief and any air-cooled Harley. Except for the engine design, almost everything is analog – there are no ride modes, traction control, or IMU, just an unrestricted throttle that responds exactly as intended.

When we last dyno tested the Scout’s engine, it produced 85 horsepower to the rear wheels at 8,100 rpm, just shy of its rev maximum. Indian Motorcycle‘s latest model Price in Pakistan. Torque peaked at 5,700 rpm, with a twist of 64.5 lb-ft. When wringing the throttle, those figures translate into admirable speed potential, pulling willingly from lower revs and bursting to a powerful dash for the redline.

The Rogue’s plusher seat and a modicum of wind protection from the fairing treat a rider better on the freeway than the Bobber. Indian Scout Motorcycle Price in Pakistan 2022. However, the limited rear suspension travel of 2 inches caused a few jarring moments over severe expansion joints. Otherwise, the Rogue cruises down the highway quietly, the vibrations from its counterbalanced engine never becoming bothersome.

Indian Scout Motorcycle 2022 Price in Pakistan

The price of an Indian Scout Motorcycle 2022 in Pakistan is 25,88,000 – 31,90,000 PKR.

Indian Scout Rogue SixtyPKR 27,08,000 (Estimated)
Indian Scout Bobber SixtyPKR 25,88,000 (Estimated)
Indian Scout SixtyPKR 28,28,500 (Estimated)
Indian Scout RoguePKR 30,69,500 (Estimated)
Indian Scout BobberPKR 29,49,000 (Estimated)
Indian ScoutPKR 31,90,000 (Estimated)
Indian Scout TwentyPKR 31,90,000 (Estimated)

Indian Scout Motorcycle 2022 Price in USA

The price of an Indian Scout Motorcycle 2022 in US Dollars is $10,749 – $13,249.

Indian Scout Rogue Sixty$11,249 US Dollar (Estimated)
Indian Scout Bobber Sixty$10,749 US Dollar (Estimated)
Indian Scout Sixty$11,749 US Dollar (Estimated)
Indian Scout Rogue$12,749 US Dollar (Estimated)
Indian Scout Bobber$12,249 US Dollar (Estimated)
Indian Scout$13,249 US Dollar (Estimated)
Indian Scout Twenty$13,249 US Dollar (Estimated)

Indian Scout Motorcycle 2022 Price in India

The price of an Indian Scout Motorcycle 2022 in India is ₹8,73,400 – ₹10,76,500.

Indian Scout Rogue Sixty₹9,14,000 INR (Estimated)
Indian Scout Bobber Sixty₹8,73,400 INR (Estimated)
Indian Scout Sixty₹9,54,700 INR (Estimated)
Indian Scout Rogue₹10,36,000 INR (Estimated)
Indian Scout Bobber₹9,95,300 INR (Estimated)
Indian Scout₹10,76,500 INR (Estimated)
Indian Scout Twenty₹10,76,500 INR (Estimated)


  • Indian Scout Rogue Sixty: Black Metallic, Black Metallic (ABS), Bronze Smoke (ABS) and Titanium Smoke (ABS) Colours
  • Indian Scout Bobber Sixty: Black Metallic, Black Metallic (ABS), Black Smoke (ABS), Quartz Gray (ABS) and Ruby Smoke (ABS) Colours
  • Indian Scout Sixty: Black Metallic, Black Metallic (ABS) and Storm Blue (ABS) Colours
  • Indian Scout Rogue: Black Metallic, Black Metallic (ABS), Black Smoke (ABS), Black Smoke Midnight (ABS), Sagebrush Smoke (ABS), Storm Blue (ABS) and Stealth Gray (ABS) Colours
  • Indian Scout Bobber: Black Metallic, Black Metallic (ABS), Black Smoke (ABS), Titanium Metallic (ABS), Maroon Metallic Smoke (ABS), Silver Quartz Smoke (ABS), Alumina Jade Smoke (ABS), Indy Red, Blue Slate Smoke and Black Azure Crystal Colours
  • Indian Scout: Black Metallic, Black Metallic (ABS), Maroon Metallic (ABS), White Smoke (ABS), Silver Quartz Metallic / Black (ABS), Riot Orange / Black and Blue Slate Metallic / Silver Colours
  • Indian Scout Twenty: Black Metallic, Black Metallic (ABS), Stealth Gray (ABS), Silver Quartz Smoke (ABS) and Spirit Blue Metallic (ABS) Colours



Engine1133cc, Liquid Cooled V-Twin (60 degrees)
Engine Power100 HP
Bore x Stroke3.898 in x 2.898 in (99 mm x 73.6 mm)
Compression Ratio10.7:1
Fuel SystemClosed Loop Fuel Injection / 60 mm Bore
ExhaustSplit Dual Exhaust w/ Cross-over


ClutchWet, Multi-Plate
Transmission6 Speed
Final Drive2.357: 1


Suspension Front41 mm, Telescopic Fork
Suspension RearDual Shocks
Brakes FrontSingle / 298 mm Rotor / 2 Piston Caliper
Brakes RearSingle / 298 mm Rotor / 1 Piston Caliper
Tires FrontPirelli Night Dragon 130/90B16 67H
Tires RearPirelli Night Dragon 150/80B16 77H
Fuel Tank Capacity3.3 gal (12.5 L)


Overall Length91.5 in (2,324 mm)
Overall Width36.1 in (916 mm)
Overall Height42 in (1,068 mm)
Wheelbase5.7 in (146 mm)
Ground Clearance5.7 in (146 mm)
Seat Height25.6 in (649 mm)
Weight (Empty Tank / Full of Fuel)541 lbs (245 kg) / 561 lbs (254 kg)


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