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How to Fix Cracked Paint on Car?

How to Fix Cracked Paint on Car

How to Fix Cracked Paint on Car? Cracking in an automotive paint job can develop in the clear coat or in the base colour of the paint. Cracks form for a variety of reasons. Cracking could be caused by a structural fault in the sheet metal beneath the paint.

Imperfections in the painting process, such as when the paint is poorly mixed or placed in a very thick layer, can also create cracks in the paint over time. To repair cracks on a car, you will need products available at auto supply stores. If the cracking is extensive or severe, you should seek professional assistance.

How to Fix Cracked Paint on Car?

  1. Using a sponge or cloth, clean the cracked surface with a degreaser. Degrease cleanser will remove paint buildup.
  2. Sand the surface with coarse-grain sandpaper, such as 60 grit. To keep the sanded paint even, flush the sandpaper and surface with water. Sand the surface just enough to smooth out the broken region without exposing the sheet metal beneath the paint job.
  3. To eliminate residue, wipe the sanded area with the degreased cleanser.
  4. If the primer has worn away, reprime the area using automotive primer. If the breaking occurred in the clear coat and you did not need to sand down to the primer, you do not need to prime again. If necessary, apply the primer with a paintbrush, or spray it on if it is a spray primer.
  5. Allow the primer to dry and cure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  6. Apply touch-up paint to the affected area. Automotive supply businesses sell touch-up paint. Allow the paint to dry as directed by the manufacturer. If necessary, apply the paint using a paintbrush or spritz it on if it is spray paint.
  7. Wax the freshly painted area with a sponge or cloth and auto wax. Waxing the area will restore the gloss and protect it from further damage.

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