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How to Fix Car AC Blowing Hot Air?

How to Fix Car AC Blowing Hot Air? It’s one of those summer days. The weather is so hot that you can scarcely drag yourself from your air-conditioned home to your car. Oh well, at least your car will be nice and cool inside once the air conditioner is turned on.

Except it isn’t. That is cool. All you feel when you switch on your vehicle’s air conditioning is a rush of scorching air from the vents. “Why is my car’s air conditioning only spewing hot air?” you complain.

How to Fix Car AC Blowing Hot Air?

1. Malfunctioning Electrical System

Malfunctioning Electrical System

Your vehicle’s air conditioner is powered by electricity, and the most common cause of automobile air conditioning that blasts hot air is an electrical system fault. If any fuses, relays, or switches in its arrangement fail to function properly, the entire electrical system will shut down.

Solution: Because of the complexity of the electrical system, you should get it checked thoroughly by a reputable mechanic.

2. Low Or Leaking Refrigerant

Low Or Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant (sometimes known as “coolant”) is a fluid that cools your passenger cabin by expanding and condensing alternately as it circulates around the air conditioning system. Because the system is sealed and airtight, your refrigerant supply will not evaporate or be depleted. A low refrigerant level indicates a leak somewhere, which should be fixed before topping off your coolant.

Locating and repairing a refrigerant leak is a difficult task that should be left to an auto repair specialist. If you drive a pre-1995 car, Ontario legislation makes things even more complicated; you must have it leak-tested by a technician with an Ozone Depletion Prevention certificate to guarantee that you are not “displacing an ozone-depleting material.”

Solution: There is no DIY option available here. You’ll need a professional technician to handle this one as a car owner.

3. Corrupt Condenser Ac Blowing Hot Air

Corrupt Condenser

The condenser is an essential part of your car’s air conditioning system. After the refrigerant has passed through the compressor, the condenser’s role is to cool it to room temperature.

The compressor’s location in the front of your automobile, between the radiator and the grille, allows air to travel through the grate to aid in cooling. However, it can sometimes allow road dirt and debris to become caught inside the condenser. As a result, a blockage or even a fracture, such as the puncturing of one of the condenser tubes, will occur.

Solution: Remove any sticks, tiny rocks, or other foreign objects from the grille. This simple do-it-yourself fix may resolve the issue of your air conditioner blowing hot air.

4. Run Down Compressor

Run Down Compressor

The AC compressor in your car is in charge of pressurising the refrigerant fluid and cycling it through the system of hoses and tubes to keep the passenger compartment cold. The compressor, as a laborious component, is prone to failure owing to wear and tear. It can also fail in some automobile models when you start it after a lengthy period of inactivity, such as when you turn on the air conditioning for the first time in the summer. Your engine may overheat if your compressor fails.

Keep your compressor in good working order by running the air conditioner on HIGH once a month, especially during our harsh winters. However, if the compressor has already failed, contact a body shop for repair.

5. Broken Cooling Fans

Broken Cooling Fans Ac Blowing Hot Air
Broken Cooling Fans

A pair of cooling fans is an essential component of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Their function is to assist in removing heat from the refrigerant fluid. If either of them becomes broken or otherwise damaged — typically as a result of flying road debris — the refrigerant will not be effectively cooled, and your air conditioner will blast warm air.

Solution: A faulty cooling fan cannot be repaired. Replace it at a reputable auto body shop.

6. Dirty Air Filter Ac Blowing Hot Air

Dirty Air Filter Ac Blowing Hot Air

Some automotive brands and models have cabin air filters. Your car’s air filter, like your home’s HVAC filter, progressively becomes clogged with dust and debris, therefore it must be changed on a regular basis. Aside from hot air escaping from your vents, additional symptoms that your cabin air filter is clogged include musty odours and excessively loud noises when you turn on the AC.

Solution: You can replace the filter yourself if you buy a new one; the owner’s handbook will tell you how often it needs to be replaced. Alternatively, you can have the cabin filter changed as part of a professional vehicle tuneup.

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