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Vlektra Retro 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

Vlektra Retro Price in Pakistan

Vlektra Retro 2022 Price in Pakistan. As electric vehicles have become the buzz of the town, many people are jumping on board, hoping to leave their imprint on the Pakistani automobile business with their EV products. VLEKTRA Electric Motorcycles is revolutionizing the landscape with its fresh and inventive motorcycles. At the same time, every other EV we see is a visual eye sore of a 70cc chassis and electric motors stuffed in there.

2022 Vlektra Retro

VLEKTRA is an EV startup established in Karachi, Pakistan, with an outlet in the Karachi area. Though not much can be mentioned about their facilities (9factory and production line in either Pakistan or China), they have initially launched two types of their E-bikes, Bolt and Retro.

Retro, on the other hand, is a classic-looking electric bike with nearly the same features as the Bolt. Vlektra Retro’s latest model Price in Pakistan. These prices may appear excessive, but EVs are cost-effective to operate, which is how they balance the return on investment equation. We are still attempting to reach VLEKTRA Electric Motorcycles; maybe, they will give us their motorcycles for thorough testing.

It also boasts contemporary features like a digital information cluster, front and rear disc brakes with ABS and CBS technology, adjustable front and rear shock absorbers, DRLs, LED headlights and taillights, and so on. Vlektra Retro Price in Pakistan 2022.

Vlektra Retro 2022 Price in Pakistan

The price of Vlektra Retro 2022 in Pakistan is 2,99,000 PKR.

Vlektra RetroPKR 2,99,000 (Estimated)

Vlektra Retro 2022 Price in USA

The price of Vlektra Retro in US Dollars is $1,346.

Vlektra Retro$1,346 US Dollar (Estimated)


  • Black with White


Full Charge Coverage80-100 KM
Charge Time 0-100%3 Hrs
Top Speed65 kmph
Full charge costsRS 40
Run 400KmRS 150


  • Completely electric with no need for petrol
  • A full charge costs Rs 40
  • No oil change, tuning, or filter changes
  • No gearbox, exhaust, clutch, or engine
  • Zero maintenance with fewer part
  • Lithium-ion battery with a life of 5 years 
  • 1500w electric-motor
  • App-based tracking system


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