Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid Price in Pakistan

Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features. The all-new Vauxhall Astra is now available in the UK in a plug-in hybrid guise, starting at £32,200. The latest iteration of Vauxhall’s compact family car receives updated interior and external style, using aspects from the Mokka and Grandland SUVs. It’s the first Astra with a plug-in hybrid powertrain, which it shares with its sister car, the Peugeot 308. Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid Latest Model Price in Pakistan.

The top-of-the-line HYBRID-e 225 version of the plug-in hybrid Astra produces 222bhp and 360Nm of torque. The automobile can get up to 256mpg, produces a little over 25g/km of CO2, and accelerates from 0 to 62mph in 7.7 seconds.

For the time being, just the 178bhp HYBRID-e 180 option is available. The torque, economy, and emissions stats are the same as the 222bhp car, but the 0-62mph time is 9.3 seconds, and the top speed is 140mph. Both plug-in Astra models come standard with an eight-speed automatic transmission and can go over 40 miles on electricity thanks to their 12.4kWh batteries.

The Opel Astra Hybrid sets a new standard for efficiency in the compact class. The low-friction internal combustion engine works together with a powerful electric motor and thus ensures optimal driving dynamics with economical consumption at the same time. Enjoy unrestricted access to inner-city areas while benefiting from advantages such as preferential NoVA or no motor-related insurance tax. Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid Price in Pakistan 2022.

Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid 2022 Price in Pakistan

The Price of an Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid 2022 in Pakistan is 72,70,667 PKR.

Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid 2022PKR 72,70,667 (Estimated)

Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid 2022 Price in USA

Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid 2022$35,583 US Dollar (Estimated)


Whether charging at home with a regular cable or a wall box, or at a public charging station, the Astra Hybrid makes it simple, quick, and efficient. Opel’s adaptable charging solutions make it simple to stay powered and ready for the next adventure.

There are numerous compelling reasons to make the switch to electric mobility. Low taxes, low maintenance expenses, low operating costs, government incentives for purchasing or leasing – and there may be financial assistance available when purchasing a wall box. A 12.4 kWh lithium-ion battery, placed below the passenger cell, lies at the heart of the unique Astra Hybrid. This offers plenty of interiors and baggage capacity, as well as a low center of gravity for efficient handling.

With a powerful system output of 133 kW (180 hp), the Astra Hybrid delivers uncompromising performance and efficiency. A sporty 1.6 turbocharged petrol engine and an 81kW electric motor work in perfect harmony under the hood, engaging automatically to achieve the best mix of efficiency and performance.

Whether you want range, performance, efficiency, or spectacular acceleration, the Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid delivers with its cutting-edge plug-in hybrid technology. With smooth transitions and spontaneous throttle response, the electronically controlled 8-speed automatic transmission with shift paddles provides a lively driving experience. Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid 2022 Price in Pakistan.


The style of the new Astra has been updated to match that of other Vauxhall models. The ‘Vizor’ front grille, first seen on the Mokka and more recently on the facelifted Crossland and Grandland, is now included. Adaptive IntelliLux LED headlights with 168 LED components, originally seen on the current Vauxhall Insignia sedan, are also included.

The Pure Panel digital cockpit from the Mokka and Grandland is used on the inside of the Astra. This includes a 10-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system and a 10-inch digital driver’s display. Voice controls for the car’s functions are standard on all models, as are wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The new Astra also gets semi-autonomous driving and assistance systems, including semi-automatic lane changes and adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go functionality. The four cameras and five radar sensors located around the car, as well as ultrasonic sensors at the front and rear, provide data for the systems.

The Ultimate trim adds 18-inch wheels, a sunroof, an extended head-up display, Alcantara seat trim, a heated windscreen, rear cross-traffic alerts, semi-autonomous lane-changing, curve speed adaptation, wireless smartphone charging, and Vauxhall’s ‘Intelli-Air’ connectivity, which allows users to control various in-car features via their smartphone.

In the interior of the new Astra Hybrid, you will experience future-oriented design and class-leading innovations. The fully digital Opel Pure Panel provides clear and concise information for the driver. The ergonomic active seats 1 are covered with high-quality Alcantara or Nappa leather and have a massage and ventilation function. Thanks to state-of-the-art connectivity, you stay connected to everything conveniently and fully integrated on the go.

The regenerative i-Booster technology in the Astra Hybrid allows for passive energy recovery while driving. The braking energy is transferred to partially charge the battery using the i-Booster. When the vehicle is coasting and you let go of the gas pedal (so-called “one-pedal driving”), the i-Booster kicks in to maximise range.    


Model:Vauxhall Astra HYBRID-e GS-Line
Engine:1.6-litre turbo petrol, 1x e-motor
Total power:178bhp/360Nm
Transmission:Eight-speed automatic, front-wheel drive 
0-62mph:9.3 seconds
Top speed:140mph
Electric range:43 miles
On sale:Now

Opel Astra Plug-in Hybrid 2022 Review

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