Ladies Scooty 2023 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

Ladies Scooty Price in Pakistan

Ladies Scooty 2023 Price in Pakistan. Here is an interesting and best list of Pakistan’s top scooty models and their prices. This page contains information about the Ladies Scooty Price in Pakistan 2023 and the Ladies Scooty Dealership in Pakistan. Scooty is quickly becoming one of the most popular items in markets, particularly among women and college girls.

2023 Ladies Scooty

This concept originated in India and has since spread to the Pakistani market. Major cities in Pakistan such as Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad are ideal for marketing Ladies Scooty because the ladies in these cities are interested in purchasing Ladies Scooty. Because of the cultural environment, other Pakistani cities’ ladies are not interested in riding ladies’ scooty.

Independent rides have become an essential need in this hectic world where everyone is preoccupied with their individual tasks, and as a result, girls do not want to rely on others for transportation. Ladies Scooty latest model Price in Pakistan.

Ladies Scooty 2022

Scooty brands have stepped up to empower girls and ladies to ride freely and comfortably on their own by designing scooties that are super easy to handle and ride. Suzuki Scooty Price in Pakistan 2023. These two-wheelers, easy-to-drive rides are possibly gaining popularity among the youth, particularly among college and university-going girls.

Vespa Ladies Scooty Price List

Vespa LX 125Rs.79,078 (Estimated)
Vespa ZX 125 CBSRs.83,191 (Estimated)
Vespa VXL 125 CBSRs.92,977 (Estimated)
Vespa SXL 125 CBSRs.96,278 (Estimated)
Vespa VXL ABSRs.1,03,729 (Estimated)
Vespa SXL 150 ABSRs.1,07,781 (Estimated)

United Ladies Scooty Price list

United Scooty 50ccPKR 50,000 (Estimated)
United Scooty 80ccPKR 90,000 (Estimated)
United Scooty 100ccPKR 145,000 (Estimated)
United Ladies Scooty 2022
United Ladies Scooty 2023

United Scooty 50cc

United Company has introduced a very lightweight and low-power scooty for Pakistan’s young girls. United 50cc scooty is also known as one of the cheapest models launched locally in Pakistan.

United Scooty 50cc 2022

This scooter is designed for girls who simply want an easy-to-handle and comfortable scooty, and the 50cc variant is an excellent choice. However, it comes in a variety of color options, which you can select based on your preferences.

United Scooty 80cc

The United 80cc scooty is an excellent choice for girls and even ladies who want to enjoy a completely comfortable scooty ride. This scooter has 4-stroke engines and an OHC system, making it a perfect ride.

United Scooty 80cc

This elegant and stylish scooty has a power output of 7.2 Hp (8000 rpm). The scooty, on the other hand, weighs around 90Kg. It is a comfortable Scooty for frequent travelers. It’s an incredible blend of comfort and power.

United Scooty 100cc

The United 100cc scooty is the ideal ride for those looking to improve their scooty driving skills. This scooty is designed to withstand repeated use without failing in the presentation area. This model is available with a 4-cycle motor as well as a single chamber constrained air-cooled motor. This scooter’s dry weight is approximately 91Kg.

United Scooty 100cc 2022

The 100cc variant is one of the best options for those who simply want to go for a ride with their friends. This vehicle’s powerful engine provides smooth performance while carrying up to two passengers on board. You can, however, carry your groceries as well as other items on it.

Super Power Ladies Scooty Price list

Super Power 70cc ScootyPKR 80,000 – 90,000 (Estimated)

Super Power 70cc Scooty

Super Power 70cc Scooty is one of the amazing scooty that has recently been released in the consumer market. Super Power, like its competitors, has created an affordable, mid-ranged power scooty for young girls. This 70cc scooty has comfortable seating and is available in a variety of colors.

Super Power 70cc

The features are highly distinctive, as the fuel average of the Super Power 70cc scooty is approximately 65KM/L. Its top speed is around 70 KM/h. However, additional features include an automatic self-start power option, metallic color options, and a rear stand.

Honda Ladies Scooty Price list

Honda DioPKR 60,000 to 100,000+

Honda Dio

The Honda Dio has an automatic transmission. It has a single cylinder and produces 7.76 PS @ 8000 rpm. The maximum torque is 9 Nm at 4750 rpm, and it has a 4-stroke SI engine with a cool fan.

Honda Dio

According to reports, this scooter gets 77% more mileage than other scooters. The mileage is 48 kilometers per gallon. However, the price ranges above one lac and used models are available at very low and affordable prices. Honda scooter prices in Pakistan vary according to model. This Dio model is not only suitable for girls, but also for young boys.

Suzuki Ladies Scooty Price list

Suzuki 49cc ScootyPKR 80,000 to 100,000

Suzuki 49cc Scooty

Suzuki has a separate scooty streamline and is successfully selling this product internationally. Scooters are currently capturing the interest of young girls in Pakistan, and Suzuki is also playing a role in meeting customer needs by manufacturing their unique Scooters.

Suzuki 49cc Scooty

The new Suzuki 49cc scooty has a 4-stroke, EFI single-cylinder engine, and a comfortable seat. The fuel tank capacity is approximately 4 liters. The transmission, on the other hand, is CVT.

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