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How to Clean Air Filter Motorcycle?

Step by Step Guide to Clean Motorcycle Air Filter

How to Clean Air Filter Motorcycle? Depending on the model of your motorcycle, air filters come in a variety of shapes and materials, including paper, cloth, and foam. Motorcycles are typically equipped with disposable, paper type.

How to Clean Air Filter Motorcycle?

The last two – cloth and foam – are the more expensive options because they can be washed. Some foam air filters can endure up to 50 washes if handled, maintained, and cleaned on a regular basis. How to Clean Motorcycle Air Filter? Let’s figure out the best technique to clean an air filter together!

1. Remove Loose Dirt to Clean Air Filter Motorcycle

In terms of the drying process, the best approach to clean your motorcycle’s air filter, whether cloth or foam, is nearly identical. In all cases, after removing the air filter from its housing or air box, you should knock off any loose dirt. This allows you to see and access the tight spots that need to be cleaned more readily.

2. Use an Air Filter Cleaner

Just use manufacturer-recommended air filter cleaner as much as feasible. Knead this into your air filter gently. The cleaner’s purpose is to remove the filth that has become lodged inside. Two things to keep in mind when cleaning air filters: avoid using heavy corrosive cleaning chemicals, which will clog and damage your filter, and never wring or strain your air filter when working in the cleaner.

3. Rinse and Wash to Clean Air Filter Motorcycle

Rinse your air filter with warm water many times. Then, to degrease it, wash it with warm soapy water. Repeat until the wash water no longer resembles the hue of a gravel road. Then rinse once more.

4. Thoroughly dry

It is critical to properly dry out the air filter since any water that is trapped inside may cause your engine to underperform or, worse, fail.

To dry a foam air filter faster, use an air compressor. Alternatively, if you spin and toss a fabric air filter a few times in mid-air, it will dry faster.

5. Clean the Housing

While the air filter is drying, give it’s housing or air box a thorough cleaning. Spray it lightly with a mild soap detergent and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it down with a clean microfiber or washcloth.

6. Oil it

Fill your dry air filter with new filter oil. Avoid applying too little or too much oil; the former may allow dust into the engine, causing premature ageing, while the latter will limit airflow and reduce performance. The final step in the oiling process is to apply grease to the filter lip and mounting hole to guarantee a tight seal when the air filter is replaced.


There are as many motorcycle cleaner brands as there are ways to clean them. Everyone has a favoured method for keeping their vehicle in good condition.

What were some of the lessons you learnt when fine-tuning your approach to meet your and your vehicle’s requirements? Are there any suggestions or advice we overlooked that you’d want to share with us?

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