Baic X55 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

Baic X55 Price in Pakistan

Baic X55 2022 Price in Pakistan. BAIC vehicles have a grille with stylized wings on the front. This was written by a Chinese buddy to remind me of Saab. I’m not sure whether it will or not. It certainly looks nice and, like the rest of the design, gives the automobile a warm, European appearance. A decorative turbo sticker can be found on the C-pillars, and the X55 LED taillights can be found at the rear.

2022 Baic X55

Under the hood, the engine compartment is clean and neat. A Mitsubishi 1.5 turbo engine, ECUs from European and Japanese vendors, all routinely and expertly assembled. The exotics effect is lacking for a reason. Mitsubishi, Mercedes, and Opel make up the BAIC. As an example, the steering wheel inside is made by Opel.

When you push the start button, the impression ends. The BAIC begins to move, and the stiffness of the body is immediately visible. Baic X55 latest model Price in Pakistan. This comes as a surprise because it is not something we would have predicted. The chassis, which is built to US specifications by the importer, is surprisingly tight and comfy. Bumps are absorbed, and the manhole cover is filtered away.

Even on the highway, the X55 is unremarkable and rather European; the highway test is still pending. We fearlessly put the ABS and ESP to the test, allowing the X55 to travel in a loop beyond public traffic. Everything makes a good-natured, confident first impression. The vote is correct, however, it may be improved.

Baic X55 2022 Price in Pakistan

The price of Baic X55 2022 in Pakistan is 59,37,000 PKR.

Baic X55PKR 59,37,000 (Estimated)

Baic X55 2022 Price in USA

The price of Baic X55 2022 in US Dollars is $25,060.

Baic X55$25,060 US Dollars (Estimated)


The Chinese SUV is a pleasure to drive. The servo is fun to use, the clutch is smooth, and the shift travel is adequate but too long. Some fine work is still lacking in the coordination of the interplay between engine and transmission. The supercharged engine, with its 136 PS, valiantly fights against 1.4 tonnes of curb weight.

The BAIC X55 is a single unit in the well-known 4.40 Meter class. He drives like a Mitsubishi, Opel, or Kia, calmly and matter-of-factly. What is BAIC / Senova as a fantastic complement should be taken seriously by all Europeans, Japanese, and Koreans. The closed eyes issue was quite serious.

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The entertainment is equally simple to utilize. Bluetooth, Car Link, iPhone, and Android connectivity are all available. The graphics on the monitor are not necessarily the most recent, but they are enough. The back camera has good looks and functions properly.

There is a Night panel as a particular feature, but the operational unit hides badly in the neighborhood of the light switch. BAIC was perplexed by the circumstances. Furthermore, if one finds a manual in the automobile, the layout of Saab drivers will be immediately apparent.

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Max power110 KW
Max torque210 Nm
Curb weight1410 kg
Engine cover


Length4480 mm
Width1837 mm
Height1680 mm
Wheel Base2665 mm
Fuel tank capacity (L)55


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