Baic U5 Plus 2022 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

Baic U5 Plus Price in Pakistan

Baic U5 Plus 2022 Price in Pakistan. This year’s Chengdu car show may be described as a fairy war, with numerous new models appearing in an unending stream, including the U5 PLUS. It has also become the brightest star among many new cars, owing to the new car’s appearance design.

2022 Baic U5 Plus

To fulfill the interests of young people, the new car has two customized versions based on standard models, namely ” Jin Wuwei ” and ” Cherry Knight “. 7 are now on pre-sale. All in all, the interior decorating is on par with that of more than 100,000 cars. Let’s see what happens.

Examine the front face first. “Most of them are stunning,” says the new automobile owner. Baic U5 Plus latest model Price in Pakistan. Design vocabulary, The design is new. The polygonal grid has a vast coverage area, which is not lost due to Lexus spindle design, and the interior of the grille is blackened, which matches the wavy structure. The aesthetic impression of the entire front face is striking and instantly recognizable.

The headlamp groups on both sides are also designed in this manner. The chrome trim connector is in the center, and the interior is constructed of LED. Baic U5 Plus Price in Pakistan 2022. The source of light, The turn signal lamp has a flowing motion as well, and it looks nice when it lights up.

Baic U5 Plus 2022 Price in Pakistan

The price of Baic U5 Plus 2022 in Pakistan is 48,58,000 PKR.

Baic U5 PlusPKR 48,58,000 (Estimated)

Baic U5 Plus 2022 Price in USA

The price of the Baic U5 Plus 2022 in US Dollars is $21,880.

Baic U5 Plus$21,880 US Dollar (Estimated)


Part dynamic, Despite being a medium-term modified model, the new car retains the power configuration of the existing model. 1.5L and 1.5T were chosen. The engine, which is 1.5L, has a maximum engine power is 105 horses, and the maximum torque is 134 cattle rice; is 1.5T. The model’s highest output power is 150 horsepower, and its peak torque is 210 cattle rice.

The transmission pairing is 5 manual, 6 pick-and-roll, and CVT Stepless gearbox. Despite the fact that there are few highlights of power equipment, fortunately, the training is mature. 100km fuel consumption only 6 l, Easy to drive and save money, Specially ideal for the household.

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interior design, The new automobile has been enhanced primarily in terms of technology, with a 12.3 Inch dual screen design, which is only found on high-end brands. This change provides a stronger sense of technology. The steering wheel, too, has a flat bottom and a multi-functional design.

At three or nine o’clock, I made a punching design to make myself feel more at ease. The air conditioner’s air output is additionally adorned with chrome-plated trim strips. The control keys are physical, making them easier to use. The center console and door panels are also made of soft materials. Make yourself at ease.

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Length4,660 mm
Width1,820 mm
Height1,480 mm
Weight1,288 kg


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